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25th Birthday Wishes and Messages

When you send your birthday wishes to someone, you are sure to create a lasting memory. Here are some of the benefits of sending birthday wishes: 

-Wishing someone a happy birthday can make them feel appreciated and loved. 

-Sending a message on their birthday lets them know that you are thinking about them and that you want them to have a wonderful day. 

-Birthday messages can be funny, sentimental, or both. They can also be tailored to the individual recipient. 

-A heartfelt birthday wish can bring happiness to the receiver’s day and years ahead.

Below are various 25th Birthday Wishes and Messages;

25th Birthday Wishes and Messages

1.    Today is your day. Your 25th birthday! Happy birthday, you're one of a kind!

2.    We've never met, but I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays!

3.    HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!

4.    I'm so proud of you, it's been 25 years since your birth date. Hope this birthday wish will keep you smiling all year long!

5.    Yo! Happy 25th birthday! You're one of a kind and I hope that you know that.

6.    Happy 25th Birthday! We hope you're enjoying a day filled with friends and family.

7.    Happy 25th Birthday! We couldn't be more proud of you.

8.    Wahey! Happy 25th birthday to my lifelong best friend! Where did the time go? Let's not waste a single day and make this year as unforgettable as our childhood.

9.    May your 25th birthday be filled with all the love, joy, and memories you deserve.

10.    Congratulations on your 25th birthday! Celebrate with these wishes.

25th Birthday Wishes and Messages

11.    Congratulations to you! It's your 25th birthday and you deserve the time of your life.

12.    Happy 25th birthday! Let's make this one memorable.

13.    Today is your 25th birthday! What a day! And what a year! We hope you are enjoying yourself and we wish you the best.

14.    Wish you a Happy 25th Birthday!

15.    Happy 25th Birthday! I hope you have the best day ever full of love, laughter, and goodbyes because soon you'll be leaving for your journey.

16.    Happy 25th, friend! And deep thanks for all your support. Here's a slideshow of our favorite memories from the past year.

17.    Hooray, it's your birthday! We're so excited. We made a card and have sent you one!

18.    Here it is, the day your life has been waiting for! To say thank you for all your friendship, love, and support in the last 25 years is hard to put into words.

19.    I love you so much, I can't believe it was 25 years ago today! You made me the happiest person alive. Happy Birthday!

20.    Happy birthday. This your 25th birthday is going to be unforgettable!

25th Birthday Wishes and Messages

21.    Congrats, it's your special day! And what could be better than a surprise from people you love? Receive all the best wishes on your special day!

22.    Hi, I hope your 25th birthday is awesome. Cheers to becoming an older millennial.

23.    Happy 25th Birthday to my best friend!

24.    I hope you're having a great time on your 25th birthday! Here's wishing you many more to come and all the best in your life ahead.

25.    I love you. Happy 25th, darling!

26.    25th coming up soon? I wish you the best! Let's reminisce over coffee or a wine soon.

27.    Congratulations on your 25th birthday!

28.    Happy 25th birthday! Here's wishing you all the best for your 25th year of life.

29.    Happy 25th birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day & spent it with your loved ones. We love you!

30.    Happy 25th birthday, dear! Here's to many more years of friendship

31.    Happy 25th Birthday - I hope you had lots of fun today!

32.    I hope your 25th Birthday is amazing! Wish you a happy birthday and let me know what kind of party you're having.

33.    Happy 25th birthday! May your day be filled with love, beauty, and friendship.

34.    Happy 25th birthday! May you have everything your heart desires.

35.    Woo, I'm 25! So are you and we're going to have a big bash with some fab friends. What would you like me to sing?

36.    It's a little early, but I still want to wish you a happy birthday! Here are my 25th birthday wishes and messages for you...

37.    Hey, I hope you're having a fabulous day. Congrats on 25! We hope you have an amazing year ahead of you and we're wishing you a big birthday.

38.    Happy 25th birthday, xxxxx! Congrats on this big milestone.

39.    Happy 25th birthday! You're a diamond in the rough, and from here on out, you'll be mine.

40.    Congrats, xxxxx! Here's wishing you a spectacular 25th year with endless possibilities and surprises in store.

41.    Happy 25th birthday! All of your wishes are about to come true.

42.    Happy birthday. I love you and always remember that moment we met in the park on your birthday!

43.    Hey, it's your 25th birthday! We hope you have a great day.

44.    Happy 25th birthday, you're an amazing person and we've got a present for you!

45.    Warm wishes for a happy 25th birthday, from all of us! This is the perfect time to reflect on the last 25 years of your life, and what you've accomplished. Thank you

46.    Today's your special day, and we hope you have a wonderful 25th birthday! Wishing you a happy 25th.

47.    Happy 25th birthday, Son! I really hope you have a great time tonight. You deserve it. Just think of all the years you toiled away and made my life so wonderful.

48.    I can't believe I finished 25! What are you getting me for my birthday?

49.    Happy 25th birthday, baby! We're so proud of you for reaching this milestone.

50.    Best wishes for your 25th birthday!

51.    Happy 25th Birthday! Let's celebrate with a cake.

52.    You're 25! Time to party like nobody's watching.

53.    25 has arrived! We hope you had a lot of cake and received lots of love your way.

54.    Congratulations on your amazing milestone! Here's wishing you a birthday filled with love, happiness, and lots of great friends.

55.    Happy 25th! I hope it's been great so far, but time flies and with the coming of age you'll find opportunities emerge to do more with your life.

56.    A heartfelt congratulations on this special day. Here's hoping your first 25 years were full of love, joy, and happiness!

57.    Happy 25th birthday! You're a superstar! Here's wishing you many more years of happiness and success.

58.    Wishing you all the best for your 25th birthday! We are sending you balloons and a cake.

59.    Happy 25th Birthday! Here's wishing you the best of luck in your life with a collection of birthday wishes that celebrate your personal style.

60.    I hope you're having a great day!

61.    You're a star and you shine bright. I can't stop smiling because you make the sunshine in my eyes. Thank you for being you, for giving me a reason to believe in this world.

62.    It's been 25 years since you came into our lives and changed them forever. Our friends, family, and community have supported us every step of the way and are rooting for you. We hope you have a happy birthday.

63.    I hope you're having a great day! I'm sorry I forgot to send you a birthday message. By the way, happy birthday!

64.    Happy 25th birthday, xxxxx! I know you're going to have a blast with your friends and family tonight. Wish you a very happy birthday.

65.    Wishing you the best on your 25th birthday! It's been a wild ride and here's to many more years ahead.

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