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40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes – Ruby Wedding Anniversary

When a couple reaches the 40-year milestone, it is cause for much celebration. After all, this is a significant achievement! Not many couples make it to this impressive milestone. In fact, according to wf-lawyers.com, the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is 8 years.

So what are some of the benefits of reaching the 40-year milestone? Well, first and foremost, it shows that you have a strong and lasting relationship. This is something to be proud of! 

Additionally, research has shown that those in long-term marriages tend to be happier and healthier than those who are not. They also tend to have more wealth and stability.

If you know friends or loved ones celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary soon, be sure to send them some special wishes. The celebrants could also send wishes/messages to each other.

Below are various 40th wedding anniversary wishes;

40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes – Ruby Wedding Anniversary

1.    Looking back on the past forty years and then ahead to the next forty, I can't believe it's been so long since we first tied the knot. Let's celebrate.

2.    It's been 40 years of joy and celebration. We want to send you a wish from the heart to remind you how much we care.

3.    Dear Hubby, I hope your day is as perfect as a 40th Wedding Anniversary should be. We appreciate all the love & support you've given us over the years. I hope these flowers make your day even more special.

4.    Happy Anniversary, XXXXX! I love you so much and want to do something special for you this year.

5.    Sweetie! I'm so grateful to be with you on this life-defining journey, but mostly I'm filled with joy that we'll always be together.

6.    You're the love of my life, and I just want to tell you that from the moment I saw you, I knew our story would be remarkable.

7.    Happy 40th Anniversary! We hope this day is one you'll never forget. Here's to many more years of being the best friend, partner, and family member to your loved ones.

8.    Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary!

9.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, darling!

10.    40 years of marriage, 40 years of love. May we have a blissful 40th wedding anniversary my love.

40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes – Ruby Wedding Anniversary

11.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!

12.    Dear [spouse's name], I wish you happiness and good health, as you have brought such joy to my life over the years. Let this be a time of peace and love.

13.    Happy Anniversary to My Love, Happy Anniversary.

14.    On this special day, I hope that you think of how you felt when I took your hand in marriage. Happy 40th Anniversary!

15.    Happy Anniversary. Here's to 40 years of carefree love and laughter.

16.    Hey honey, there's no need to say you're sorry. Here's a special 40th Wedding Anniversary wish from the heart.

17.    Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary!

18.    Happy 40th, Darling! I hope these wishes for your 40th Wedding Anniversary are as wonderful as our journey so far.

19.    Happy 40th Anniversary, Honey! This is a nice way to sweeten your day.

20.    I love how special you make me feel. Happy 40th anniversary. Let's celebrate the next 40 years.

40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes – Ruby Wedding Anniversary

21.    Sending you my love today for our 40th anniversary, and your everyday happiness. I love you dear.

22.    Happy 40th Anniversary, we have so many incredible memories to celebrate.

23.    You're the reason my smile lingers for weeks now with your kind and generous words. Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary.

24.    You are such a gem. I love you more than the stars in the sky and the sand on the beach.

25.    Love you more than the stars in the sky, more than all the wildflowers, more than anything.

26.    Dear sweetheart, I am sending a wish for you to know how much I love you, and to help us celebrate 40 incredible years of being married!

27.    Our 40th Wedding Anniversary Wish: We want to wish you a happy and blissful wedding anniversary. Thank you for being in our lives all these years.

28.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!

29.    You're the best of all the presents, and always will be. Thank you for being our friend and partner, for making us laugh, for teaching us about love, leading us to life. Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary.

30.    Happy Wedding Anniversary. You are the best husband and best friend in the world. Have a great day.

31.    We are so lucky to have you in our life.

32.    I'm so happy to share with you the best part of my life. I've loved the entire journey of being married to you.

33.    When your whole world comes together, it takes a lifetime to initiate. So happy 40th Wedding Anniversary.

34.    It is hard to believe that 40 years have passed since we said 'I do'. Thank you for your love, loyalty, and friendship.

35.    I got you a little something for our 4oth Anniversary and our second honeymoon!

36.    For 40 years, you've been the center of my universe.

37.    We've been together so long, we already have 40 years of memories to share!

38.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, Babe!

39.    Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

40.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary. We are so happy to celebrate the last 40 years with you.

41.    OMG Happy 40th Anniversary!

42.    I still remember the first time we danced. The night you gave me that amazing kiss. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary to us.

43.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary! Dear hubby, today is sweeter than ever, because I am more in love with you than I was the first time we danced to that romantic song.

44.    Congratulations you two! It's been 40 amazing years of love and friendship for both of you.

45.    Happy anniversary! We love you more than words can say. Happy birthday to the best wife and mom ever.

46.    I'm so glad that I married you, I love you so much.

47.    Oh, I almost forgot! I love you so much. It's been 40 years of marriage, but you're still my favorite person.

48.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!

49.    Hi honey, I wanted to wish you a happy 40th wedding anniversary.

50.    Happy Wedding Anniversary, Darling! Here's wishing you the best in life and happiness. May your future be full of magical memories and adventures.

51.    You are everything to me. It has been 40 years of love and devotion. You have made me feel valued, loved, and appreciated every single day. We have been through so much together.

52.    Did I tell you how amazing you are? We're going to have such a grand day on our anniversary. I feel like my life just got a little bit better and I'm so lucky.

53.    I hope your 40th anniversary is going well and you're still as happy and in love as when you said, "I do."

54.    Sending our 40th wedding anniversary wishes to both of you.

55.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, I hope this year is the best of your life.

56.    As you celebrate your 40th Wedding Anniversary, remember that 'Love is patient, love is kind'.

57.    Your commitment to each other has brought you this far and we are so proud of you.

58.    I'll always love you, just as much as I did the day you asked for my hand in marriage. We've been through life and through death, time and time again. I'm so thankful to be able to share this moment with you.

59.    Forty years of marriage with my best friend and spouse! Here's to many more years.

60.    Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to you both! May you always be together and have joy all the time.

61.    Congratulations on your 40th Wedding Anniversary! Here's wishing you the best of luck.

62.    Congratulations on your 40th Wedding Anniversary! This is the perfect time to reflect on the past and celebrate together for the future.

63.    Happy Anniversary, my love! I hope this card brings back some great memories.

64.    Here's wishing you the happiest of marriages! I love you very much.

65.    I may not be able to give you a gift that's as amazing as you are, my love. But I can still have a moment with you every day this year. Happy Anniversary!

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