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Bastille Day Wishes and Messages

Bastille Day, or La Fête Nationale, is a French national holiday celebrated on July 14 each year. The holiday commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison on July 14, 1789, by angry Parisian crowds during the French Revolution. While the holiday is celebrated throughout France, it is especially popular in Paris.

If you're looking for a way to show your support for France and its citizens, sending Bastille Day wishes and messages is a great way to do it! Not only are you showing your support, but you're also celebrating one of France's most important holidays. Here are some of the benefits of sending Bastille Day wishes and messages:

1. It's a great way to show your support for France and its citizens.

2. It's a fun way to celebrate one of France's most important holidays.

Below are various Bastille Day wishes and messages;

Bastille Day Wishes and Messages

1.    Happy Bastille Day! Let's make it a memorable one, with the best French foods.

2.    Wishing you a happy Bastille Day! Celebrate the French Revolution with this toast.

3.    Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous day filled with peace of mind and cheerfulness. I hope this message brings you joy!

4.    Happy Bastille Day! Have a good one and remember to be proud of who you are.

5.    Wishing you a happy Bastille Day, one of the most important holidays in our country France. Let's take this opportunity to thank those who have made our time worth living.

6.    To all my friends and family who live in France, happy Bastille Day! I hope we all have a great day.

7.    I hope you're having a good time with your family.

8.    Gratitude and love for the French people and their values.

9.    I hope you have a happy Bastille Day! May your day go smoothly, and may the French rejoice with the Americans.

10.    Have a day of love and happiness, on this day of remembrance.

Bastille Day Wishes and Messages

11.    Hey friends! Have a warm and safe Bastille Day! Let's celebrate with these awesome messages and images.

12.    Sending you love, wishes and hugs to celebrate your Bastille Day.

13.    Wishing you a happy Bastille Day!

14.    As an American, I know no other country quite as special as France. Happy Bastille Day to my French friends!

15.    Wishing you a happy, joyous Bastille Day! From all of us at ________.

16.    Let's make this a day to remember.

17.    Greetings from France! Let's celebrate Bastille Day together!

18.    Bonjour! I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather on Bastille Day.

19.    Remembering two and half centuries of friendship, past and present. I hope this special day brings you luck and good fortune.

20.    Bonjour, Bonne Annee à tous! I hope you're enjoying Bastille Day!!! Let's join in with some fireworks and share our love.

Bastille Day Wishes and Messages

21.    Happy Bastille Day! Let's celebrate France's independence with a Bazooka celebratory dinner.

22.    Happy Bastille Day from me and my family to YOU!

23.    All the best to celebrate Bastille Day!

24.    Happy Bastille Day, Marie!

25.    Dear love, find anything that makes you feel blissful; remember this day. La Fête Nationale Française!

26.    Come on, let's have a party! On Friday, let's pledge to celebrate our values with friends and family in France.

27.    Bonjour français! Have an extra day off to celebrate Bastille Day.

28.    Happy Bastille Day! Today, we are sending love and good vibes to our friends in France.

29.    Hey there, I hope your day is a good one. Remember to celebrate Bastille Day with friends and family today.

30.    Remember, we're celebrating France's Bastille Day today. Let us know how you feel during this time of celebration.

31.    Wishing you a great day and a touch of French on this Bastille Day.

32.    Happy Bastille Day!! Let's celebrate with a special message to say 'La Fête Nationale Française'.

33.    Wherever I go, I always feel the love of France. Friends, family, and community are so important to me. Happy Bastille day.

34.    Bonjour from Paris! Bon voyage from all of us in NYC! Merci for joining our celebration of Bastille Day.

35.    Bonne fête! Happy Bastille Day! May the flame of love never die.

36.    Bonjour! To celebrate Bastille Day, my favorite day of the year, I made you a special video message. Bonne journée.

37.    My favorite thing about Bastille Day is the day of celebrating France and all our European brothers and sisters. But I gotta say, I also love it when we get to celebrate our own country.

38.    Bonne année! Remembering those who have passed on or spend time in France, pour un deuxième temps.

39.    Celebrate Bastille Day in style with a personalized message or the perfect gift. Happy Bastille Day.

40.    Sending my heart out to France, I hope you're celebrating Bastille Day. 🇫🇷❤️

41.    Bonjour et Bonne Saint-Jean! I hope your day is going well! Here's wishing you a wonderful and prosperous holiday season full of love and joy.

42.    Bonjour! I hope you're having a fantastic day. May this be an occasion for you to celebrate liberty and love.

43.    Bonjour! Are you having fun celebrating Bastille Day?

44.    You and your friends went to enjoy Bastille Day celebrations in Paris. What are your wishes and messages to loved ones who couldn't make it?

45.    Bon Voyage! Join the celebration with a festive reunion.

46.    Happy Bastille Day! Wish your loved ones a Happy Bastille Day with photos, messages, and videos.

47.    Good morning! I hope you had a great night celebrating Bastille Day. Here's to the French Revolution and its inspiring spirit!

48.    Happy Bastille Day! We felicitate with you as celebrate France's liberation and independence.

49.    Bonjour! I hope you're ready to enjoy the countdown to Bastille Day.

50.    Cheers to the Bastille Day!

51.    Wishing you a happy Bastille Day!

52.    Happy Bastille Day! What a treat to meet you again. I hope you have all been enjoying the event in your city.

53.    Today, let us celebrate Bastille Day with a moment of reflection on how far we've come since 1789, and how much is left to do. Happy Bastille Day!

54.    It's Monday, but don't worry - it's Bastille Day! let's have some fun.

55.    Happy Bastille Day! Let's celebrate this great day with a message of hope and peace.

56.    Hi, I'm so sorry you're feeling sick but I hope you don't mind if I show up this Friday to wish you Bastille Day.

57.    Let's celebrate France's most festive day together. I miss you.

58.    Like the fireworks that light up the sky on Bastille Day, you light up my day every day. Happy France's national day!

59.    Happy Bastille Day! Wishing everyone a safe and happy day. Let's celebrate tomorrow with love.

60.    Bonne journée! May it bring you luck, happiness, and happiness. Bonne journée à toi.

61.    Happy Bastille Day! Wish someone special in your life a happy French National Holiday! Have a wonderful day, friend.

62.    Would you like to wish one person a happy Bastille Day? I'm going to be celebrating by eating crepes and talking about French Revolution. What are your plans?

63.    Happy Bastille Day!  My heart is full of joy.

64.    Happy Bastille Day!  Celebrate Bastille Day with your friends and loved ones.

65.    Sending a few friendly Bastille Day wishes to our allies across the pond. Let's make this an unforgettable day!

66.    Hey buddy! It's Bastille Day today, and I'm throwing a bash to celebrate. You're invited to come and share the ol' toast. Here's my invite.

67.    I wanted to say thank you for your service. Let's raise a glass of champagne and hope for an America where we are all able to share in the freedom that our country represents.

68.    Happy Bastille Day! We're sending you a message of love and good wishes. Here's a text wishing you happiness and joy today.

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