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Christian Wedding Wishes and Messages

When it comes to Christian weddings, there are so many benefits to sending Christian wedding wishes and messages. For one, it helps to spread the love of God and the message of Christianity to the happy couple. It also helps to remind the couple that they are not alone in their faith and that there are people out there who care about them and their relationship.

Another benefit of sending Christian wedding wishes and messages is that it can help to bring the couple closer to God. By sending them messages of love and support, you are helping to remind them of the importance of God in their lives and how He should be a part of their relationship. This can help to deepen their faith and their relationship with God.

Finally, sending Christian wedding wishes and messages can also help to encourage the couple in their marriage. By sending them positive messages, you are helping to remind them that marriage is a beautiful thing and that they should cherish and celebrate it. This can help to keep the spark alive in their relationship and help them to stay committed to each other.

Below are various Christian wedding wishes and messages;

Christian Wedding Wishes and Messages

1.    I wish you every blessing for this union, every light to shine before your path, and peace to be with you always.

2.    Wishing you all the joy and love that God has for you!

3.    Wishing you all the best on this your special day!

4.    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

5.    God created the earth and sky for us to share. May your wedding union be blessed.

6.    Jesus said, 'Love one another.' Love is patient, love is kind. It does not seek its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of wrongs. May you experience true love in this wedding union.

7.    Wow, this is so refreshing! I am so excited about your wedding. I would be praying for a successful wedding ceremony.

8.    I'm so happy for you! God bless and keep you always.

9.    Wow, your wedding was absolutely beautiful! Congrats!

10.    For just a moment, take a break from everything and reflect on the love you share. I am so happy about this wedding and may God bless your union.

Christian Wedding Wishes and Messages

11.    I hope this message finds you both happy and surrounded by love on your special day.

12.    Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. May God bless your wedding union.

13.    A message of love and adoration. Just for you.

14.    I want to spend my life loving you and I hope that you want to spend it loving me as well. I believe our union is ordained by God.

15.    I want you to know how much I treasure who you are as a person and I look forward to spending forever with you.

16.    Your wedding day is going to be so beautiful. Your grace and diligence have gotten you the person of your dreams.

17.    Wishing you the best as you celebrate your marriage. May your wedding be a joyous one.

18.    May the Lord bless your love, grow it and multiply it, fill your days with happiness, and go through life with you in His perfect love. May He give you all that you desire and more.

19.    May your marriage be full of peace and joy, and may you love each other with all your hearts. May you be patient and kind with one another, always speaking kindly to one another.

20.    Oh my gosh, I know this wedding is the most wonderful time of your life. It'll be over in a blink and then you'll have this beautiful memory to cherish. I am so happy for you and may God bless your marriage.

Christian Wedding Wishes and Messages

21.    You're one special woman. And my words can't do justice to what I feel for you. From the moment I saw you, felt this intense pull, knew you were meant for me. I am so happy that God brought you into my life.

22.    Sweetheart, it's our day. I just want you to know that your faith plays such an important role in our lives, that I wanted to say thank you for the commitment and dedication you've always shown...

23.    Sending you warm wishes and messages of encouragement as your wedding day approaches. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Stay blessed.

24.    Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

25.    I'm so excited to be sharing my special day with you! May our married life together be blessed with children, purpose, and passion.

26.    Here's to the marriage of two people inspired by God's love. May your life be ever filled with joy.

27.    May the Lord bestow his blessings upon you and your loved one on this special day.

28.    Wishing you a happy, healthy, and spirit-filled wedding. May this wedding be filled with happiness, love, and joy.

29.    Happy Christian Wedding! May your days be abundant with love and joy as you embark on this next chapter of your life together. May God always shine His light on you both.

30.    On your special day, you deserve the best! I wish you a marriage full of grace.

31.    Words can't express what it's like to find your true love and be blessed with them. I am happy for you my friend.

32.    Oooooo! You are so gorgeous. I'm so honored to be a part of your day today. I thank God for his goodness.

33.    You're making me the happiest person alive! Here's a Bible verse to show you how much I love you; John 15:12.

34.    I am happy to be spending my life with you. I am happy God brought us together.

35.    Before you say your vows, make a commitment with a beautiful prayer.

36.    Wow! It's so wonderful to see that you and your hubby are #engaged and excited to start your life together.

37.    God has a plan for you, just trust in him. Have a great wedding.

38.    This is the best time of your life. You get married and you're together for the rest of your lives.

39.    A memory for a lifetime, this is how I want to remember you on our wedding day.

40.    I am so grateful to be entering into this new season with someone I love who loves me back. Here's to a lifetime of happiness together.

41.    Wishing you a beautiful day and a sparkly future!

42.    Your vows are the most important part of your wedding day. Let's chat about this with some scriptural references.

43.    Sending you my blessings - my prayers are with you.

44.    May your love for one another be deep, inspiring, and enduring.

45.    You and your family are the life of this party, you make me proud every day! May God continue to bless you all.

46.    At a Christian wedding, the bride and groom express their love for each other through a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. But in the process, they also share their deepest wishes and hopes for their future. I pray you have a blissful wedding.

47.    'Love one another as I have loved you.' Have a great wedding my dear.

48.    The love that has the power to move mountains is what you two share. I truly believe that God has blessed this union.

49.    Sending you my love and blessings for your wedding day! May we always have the grace of God in our lives.

50.    Thank you, friends and family, for joining us in celebrating our marriage. We hope this union will be the start of many happy years together.

51.    Today you'll finally say "I do" and begin the most incredible journey of your life.

52.    Hey, it's your wedding day! May God bless your union.

53.    How are you feeling today? Are you anticipating wedding bliss or tired of all the planning and stress? :) Anyway, I wish you blessings for your union. 

54.    So you’re getting married and you want your wedding to be perfect? Leave everything in the hand of God as He would surely see things through.

55.    You deserve the most amazing day of your life. Congrats and God's wishes my friend.

56.    Life is short. Cherish each day, and hope to live forever with the one you love.

57.    Your Wedding Day is one of the most special days in your life. May you savor the memories of this wedding for the rest of your life.

58.    Great news! I'm super excited that you're getting married! Here are some of my favorite quotes from the Bible that I love and hope you will too; Romans 12:10, Ephesians 4:2-3, John 15:12, 1 Peter 4:8

59.    You're engaged and on a mission to create your own memories. Your grace would make you achieve great things.

60.    I know how to make any wedding a successful one. I'm here to help you plan the day and fill your hearts with joy. It would be the most memorable Christian wedding ever.

61.    You don't have to be perfect, with or without flaws. You're not meant to be perfect this day- just a bride and groom celebrating love. All the best at your wedding.

62.    A marriage is a promise to spend your life with someone who makes you feel safe, loved, and appreciated. I am happy for you as you have found that person.

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