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Flirty Text Messages for Him To Spice Things Up

When it comes to sending text messages, there are many different types of messages that you can send. You can send funny messages, inspirational messages, and even sad messages. 

However, one of the most popular types of text messages is the flirty text message. 

Flirty text messages are a great way to show your crush or significant other that you are interested in them.

There are many benefits to sending flirty text messages to him. 

First of all, flirty text messages are a great way to start a conversation with your crush or significant other. If you are shy, sending a flirty text message is a great way to break the ice. 

Additionally, flirty text messages can help keep the spark alive in your relationship. If you have been dating for a while, sending a flirty text message can help keep things exciting.

Below are various flirty text messages for him;

Flirty Text Messages for Him To Spice Things Up

1.    Hey, what're you doing tonight?

2.    Hi handsome, I saw you were looking for some drinks and snacks and I was wondering if you wanted to grab a drink later tonight?

3.    Are you home? I want to come over and watch that game.

4.    I like your face.

5.    Hi, babe! I have a question! Can you be the man I need by my side?

6.    Do you want to stay up all night? I do. I can't wait to see what your lips would look like tomorrow.

7.    Hi there! I've been thinking about you these days. What are you doing on Friday? Would love to see you again.

8.    I have been  thinking about you all day.

9.    What are you doing later? I feel like we haven't been able to spend much time together lately and I was wondering if maybe we could spend a little bit more time.

10.    Hey, you know that thing you said about how you'd love to see me again? Let's do it. I'm free this weekend.

Flirty Text Messages for Him To Spice Things Up

11.    I love the sound of your voice on the phone, can't stop thinking about you and all the things I want to do with you. Let's talk about it soon.

12.    Hey hot stranger, you left your number after our date at the bar. Do you still want to hang out again?

13.    Hey there, it's been a while since we've seen each other. How'd you like to meet up this weekend?

14.    Hey, I had an amazing time with you last night. Want to do it again sometime?

15.    Hey, did you forget about me? It's been so long! I'm thinking about you and missing you. Let me know if you're free tonight.

16.    I like your shirt ;-)

17.    Thank you for making me laugh so hard. I'm so glad that we're friends. I like the way you make my heart race. Let's go for a run or something nice and get a drink sometime soon.

18.    Hey, what's going on? Any plans for tonight? I'm free if you are...

19.    You're so attractive.

20.    Do you ever get the feeling that your day would just feel a lot more exciting if I was around? If that sounds like a good idea, let's make it happen tomorrow at 3 PM.

Flirty Text Messages for Him To Spice Things Up

21.    Hey, what's your favorite part of our first date? Mine's the way we held each other's hands.

22.    There's something about you I can't stop thinking about. Would you like to find out what that is?

23.    Hey, I'm in the mood for a little fun tonight. Want to grab a bite?

24.    Hi boo, Let's get it going.

25.    Hey, what's your favorite thing to do?

26.    Hey, I know you're a busy guy, but would you like to get together tonight? It sounds so good on my end.

27.    Hey dear, Let's watch a movie together. Maybe tomorrow?

28.    I knew you'd be a good kisser when I saw you sitting across from me.

29.    Hey, do you want to go for coffee?

30.    I'm thinking about a quiet night in, but I'm also thinking about how much time we can spend together if you show up. How about it? Let's do something fun.

31.    I can't get you out of my head.

32.    Hey, so I was thinking that we could try something new. I really like our time together, and would like to try some new things. Do you want to? Let me know what you think.

33.    Hey sexy, how about we go somewhere amazing for dinner tonight?

34.    Hi, so I just wanted to thank you for last night. I had a really great time with you. You're pretty amazing.

35.    Hey there handsome, looking for something to spice up your day? Here's a little something that might help; coming to see me this evening :)

36.    I wanted to come over and spend the night with you, because I like you so much. Yes, it's that serious. Wanna come over tonight?

37.    Good morning :) I just wanted to say hello and let you know I can't wait for us to see each other later today.

38.    Meet me at the back gate in 15. I can't wait to see your face.

39.    Hey you, did you get my text?

40.    Baby, you know I've been crazy about you since the first time we met. It's crazy that I have to wait until tomorrow to see you again.

41.    Hey, I had a great time talking last night. You're some good company. Let's do it again soon.

42.    It's been a while, babe. I miss you. Let's do something together tonight to get that fire back.

43.    Hey you. I know how much I've been missing you.

44.    Hey cutie, hope your day is going well. I'm just wondering where we can meet up for a few drinks. Let me know when's good and I'll be ready.

45.    Hey, I was thinking about you. I was wondering if you wanted to meet up soon. Wanna grab a coffee sometime?

46.    You are always sexy and irresistible. If I wasn't that into you, I wouldn't text you the way I do.

47.    You said you missed me, so I'm here to help you out. I have a lot of fun in store for us tonight. What do you say?

48.    Hey handsome, I'm thinking about you. Would you like to meet for drinks tonight?

49.    Want to know how to make things hot with me? Send me a text message and let's chat!

50.    I just want you to know, that I'm really attracted to you.

51.    Hey, I'm meeting a bunch of people tonight. Do you want to meet for drinks after?

52.    Will you let me come over and see you?

53.    Hey handsome, how did your day go?

54.    Hey, I admire your work ethic. Let me come over and help you get some of your job done.

55.    Hey baby, I'm at the office but I had a great time last night. How was your day? Let me know what you're up to this weekend & maybe we can schedule a time to meet up this weekend.

56.    Hey, buckle up for this weekend. I'm going to wait for you in your driveway tonight so we can go out and spend the weekend together.

57.    I know exactly what you're thinking. I'm just not the type to make things easy for guys like you. But this time, it's different.

58.    Hey, you up for a relaxing getaway? I'm feeling like spending some time with you- let's do dinner and then maybe head out.

59.    OMG, you're so sweet! I'm a sucker for compliments. Let's meet for a nightcap or coffee.

60.    What's up? I'm in the mood for something new tonight. ;)

61.    Hey, I'm thinking about you, what are you doing?

62.    Hey, so I've been thinking about you all week. I'm in the mood to finally have some fun. Maybe we should do this thing tonight?

63.    Hey, you're really cute. Do you want to come over after work and I'll cook dinner for us?

64.    Hey, happy Friday! I ended up doing some grocery shopping and happened to think about you. I want you to come back home with me tonight.

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