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Funny 50th Birthday Wishes and Messages

When you send funny 50th birthday wishes and messages to your loved one, they will know that you are truly happy to celebrate their special day with them. Also, when you make someone laugh, they're likely to feel good about themselves - and that's the best way to celebrate a milestone like 50 years old!

Below are various funny (and not so funny) 50th birthday wishes and messages;

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes and Messages

1.    Happy 50th birthday! And if you're feeling like a bit of a party animal, we've got you covered.

2.    I'm turning 50 on Saturday, and I can't believe it's already been 49 years since my mom taught me to ride a bike. Wish me luck as I celebrate my big number with lots of laughter and joy!

3.    A 50th birthday is a chance to celebrate the person we've become and the amazing memories that have made us who we are today.

4.    It's your 50th birthday and you just casually mention to your friends and family that you want a surprise party. Oh, I'm sorry - I got carried away with the planning! We've worked hard to ensure this event will be such a delight for you. Everyone from your closest friends and family to your dog will all be there.

5.    May the future be full of bright ideas and perfect moments.

6.    Sending my best wishes for your 50th! Hope life has been treating you well.

7.    50 years of life, 50 years of love.

8.    I'm feeling old today because 50 years ago I was born.

9.    Are you 50? Congratulations! I'm glad you're celebrating your achievements with a big party.

10.    Happy 50th Birthday! It's been a whole lotta pain, but hopefully, you're getting better with age. Here's wishing you a happy twilight years.

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes and Messages

11.    Happy 50th birthday to the best husband in the world!

12.    Happy 50th birthday to the best dad ever!

13.    You'll have a blast on your big day! I'm sure your loved ones will be super proud of you. Here's wishing you a happy 50th birthday!

14.    Happy 50th Birthday! Let's celebrate with awesome 50th birthday messages & wishes from your friends.

15.    Happy 50th Birthday! Let me help you celebrate with some of my favorite memories and messages for your birthday.

16.    Happy 50th Birthday!

17.    A true depiction of your 50th birthday!

18.    Happy 50th birthday! Let's celebrate your big day.

19.    Happy 50th Birthday, Mom! I know this is crazy, but I am your youngest.

20.    50th birthday? That's like twice as old as my grandpa!

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes and Messages

21.    Here's to another 50! I hope your day is perfect.

22.    Hey you! You're a big 50. Celebrate with your friends and family.

23.    You'll always be my superhero, 50th birthday guy.

24.    Happy 50th birthday, mom!

25.    Happy 50th, Steve! We're so glad to have you in our family.

26.    Happy 50th Birthday to the best dad in the world!

27.    Yo, you're 50! Congrats on being such a legend. From your favorite friend.

28.    I'm 50 now and proud of my age on this day.

29.    Happy 50th birthday! Let's get your really old highlights trending again. Text us an emoji of your choice to make this happen.

30.    Happy 50th Birthday.

31.    50 years! How time flies! I'm so excited to celebrate with you on your special day.

32.    Hey, it's your birthday! Let's celebrate by reminiscing about the best fifty years ever!

33.    Wishing a happy 50th birthday to my best friend, who I always have time for!

34.    Wishing you so much happiness and good health on your 50th birthday! May the next 50 bring only the best.

35.    Are you ready to celebrate your 50th birthday? We're sending you off with a big bang by throwing you an epic party.

36.    Happy 50th birthday, mom! Here is a cute message and 50th birthday wishes for you.

37.    Congratulations on a fabulous 50th! Here are some fun wordings for your beaming birthday cake...

38.    Happy 50th birthday! Celebrate your special day.

39.    It's your big 50th birthday! Time to dress up (and down) in some fabulous party outfits.

40.    Happy 50th Birthday! And guess what? Turns out you can have a little fun now that you're a 50-year-old. 

41.    Happy 50th birthday! Wishes and messages from your mom, friends, and even strangers. Happy birthday.

42.    Happy 50th birthday! I am so looking forward to all the adventures and memories we will make together.

43.    You're 50 and looking amazing, let's celebrate with a party!

44.    Wow, your 50th birthday is a big milestone!

45.    You know, for a 50th birthday celebration, I was expecting something in the order of an asteroid hitting Earth. Something dramatic and life-changing. But hey, it's all good.

46.    Are you 50? Celebrate with friends and family on your big day, but don't forget to wish yourself a Happy Birthday!

47.    Congrats on your 50th birthday! Hope it was amazing.

48.    50 years old? I'll bet you're having a celebration for this big day! Better start planning.

49.    We hope that your birthday is nothing but great times and memories.

50.    I promise you will feel like you're 50 today, I'm so happy for you.

51.    Happy 50th birthday to your husband, best friend, and better half. You've been a great wife and mother!

52.    May you have many more birthdays and enjoy a wonderful 50-year-old life!

53.    You are an amazing wife. I would like to give you 50 happy birthday wishes so that when you receive these messages, you'll remember how much your husband loves and appreciates you.

54.    Oh, my baby, I hope you're having the time of your life! Have a fantastic 50th birthday.

55.    Do you know what the best part of turning 50 is? You get to know yourself better than ever before. I'm so excited for you.

56.    Happy 50th birthday and many more to come!

57.    Happy 50th Birthday, Mom. I hope you have a great one!

58.    Happy 50th Birthday, Rick! Here's to a lifetime of adventures and memories!

59.    50th birthday wishes and messages for your mom.

60.    Happy 50th birthday, bestie! You'll always be my role model, and I'll never forget how you made me laugh so much when we were young. Sending love.

61.    50 is such a big number-it's hard to believe the time has gone by so fast. So what are you finding yourself wishing for; blessed health, children, wealth?

62.    Congrats to my bestie on turning 50!

63.    I'm so excited for your 50th birthday! I can't wait to celebrate the next 5 decades with you.

64.    Yo, happy 50th birthday! Here's to the last of a century!

65.    Have a great birthday and here's to all the best 50 years! 

66.    Happy 50th Birthday! Here are some messages from friends and family to help you celebrate.

67.    Just you wait! There are 50 more years ahead of you. 50 more reasons to celebrate, 50 more years of memories to create, and 50 new adventures to tick off the bucket list.

68.    Congratulations on your 50th birthday! Let's celebrate.

69.    Yo, you're 50! You've been around for so many years, and we hope your life is just as exciting and rewarding. We've got a few birthday wishes to celebrate with you.

70.    I hope your 50th birthday is the best yet.

71.    Happy 50th Birthday, Miss!

72.    Hey [name], I hope you had a fantastic 50th birthday! I wanted to do something special for your big milestone.

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