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Funny (and Not So Funny) Friendship Messages, Texts, and Wishes

There are numerous benefits to sending friendship messages, texts and wishes. By keeping in touch with friends, we can stay connected and build stronger relationships. We can also get support when we need it and share happiness moments with our loved ones. Sending messages of love and support helps maintain strong friendships and can bring people closer together.

Below are various funny (and not so funny) friendship messages, texts, and wishes;

Funny (and Not So Funny) Friendship Messages, Texts, and Wishes

1.    Yo, it was great catching up and I hope we can hang out again soon!

2.    What are you up to today?

3.    How is your day so far?

4.    I can't believe that you're my best friend for being such a weirdo.

5.    I know we've been friends for a minute but your friendship is so much more than that. I wanna take it to the next level.

6.    I thought we were friends, but now I'm not so sure. You should text me back or message me right away so we can talk this out.

7.    Friends forever, did you know your birthday is coming up?

8.    You know you're my best friend and we're always looking out for each other.

9.    *sad emoji* Why did you disappear?

10.    How was your day? I hope it went well!

Funny (and Not So Funny) Friendship Messages, Texts, and Wishes

11.    You're a really cool friend. Thank you for being there.

12.    You are my best friend. I just want to say that I love you and mean it.

13.    I know it's not a date, but I'm glad we got to go to that concert last night together.

14.    You're like the only person in my life who can make me laugh.

15.    Hey, I have a feeling we're going to be great friends.

16.    Happy Fuzzy Thursday! I'm just getting in the mood for my first haircut tomorrow :)

17.    I wish I could go to Japan and hang out with you.

18.    I'm so happy we found each other again. We've got a lot of laughs and memories in the past few years - let's have more in the future.

19.    You are my best friend, and I don't know what I would do without you!

20.    I hope you're having a great day, thanks for being my best friend!

Funny (and Not So Funny) Friendship Messages, Texts, and Wishes

21.    You're so lucky to have me! But hey, you make it all worthwhile.

22.    I can't wait to see you!

23.    Hey, friend! I'm so excited for you to have a great day and see what adventures we're going to make happen.

24.    It's like we're just best friends.

25.    You are my favorite person. I hope we will always be friends.

26.    Hi, I hope you're doing well today.

27.    Wow, you have such good taste. The best kind of friends are those who text you jokes, wishes, and even give advice about what to wear for a party.

28.    I am the type of person who wishes on stars, builds their dreams castles, and loves life. We should hang out sometime.

29.    You are my best friend, always happy and helping me through the tough times.

30.    I found the perfect shirt for you! Let's go shopping on your birthday and start your new outfit.

31.    Hey girl, we're always here for you. I wish I could give you a hug right now.

32.    You're a real daredevil! Just reaching out to say hello.

33.    I feel so lucky to have such an amazing friend like you!! Happy birthday.

34.    It's been a rough day. Do you think we should call it quits?

35.    I'll do anything for you. I hope you don't expect any favors in return.

36.    Thanks for being my best friend.

37.    I just realized I never said goodbye - are you still my bestie?

38.    Get ready to be the life of the party this weekend, you're invited to my party.

39.    I wish you could be here to see me grow up.

40.    It's your birthday? I'm so sorry I forgot! Wish you a happy birthday with these handmade cards.

41.    I know what you can't do but I still love you.

42.    Thanks for being a pal. You are the best!

43.    Yo, do you wanna get drinks?

44.    Don't get too caught up in your daily routine - you're forgetting to appreciate the people who love you.

45.    Hey friend, remember when we met on the corner of Main Street and Maple Avenue? I still think about it sometimes.

46.    I hope this makes you laugh. I'm glad we're friends :)

47.    Let's make a promise to never hate each other.

48.    Wow, I can't believe we're such close friends! Let's text this afternoon.

49.    I feel like you're my soulmate and I know we'll be together forever.

50.    You're my best friend and I love you.

51.    Hola from the other side! I'm sending you a message to keep in touch.

52.    Remember when you shared how much you love your friends? Here's me toasting back the love with a gift of my own.

53.    Hi, I'm your friend! Yes, friend. Let us know what's going on & be sure to tell us about your day.

54.    I'm so excited for your graduation. We'll have such a good time when you get to come here and visit! I can't wait to show you around.

55.    I miss you so much! I really want to hear about what's going on in your world.

56.    Sending you some hugs today, my friend!

57.    I just had the best laugh with your texts. Wow, I'm so glad we're friends.

58.    Hey, aren't you still my best friend?

59.    I love you like a bear loves honey.

60.    My best friend is back!

61.    You know, you're like one of my best friends. You always make me laugh when I'm having a bad day.

62.    Say hi to your friends for me!

63.    You are so dramatic, but that's all part of the fun.

64.    Let me know your secret identity.

65.    Here I am, ready to talk about something serious.

66.    My friend, the universe makes sense when you think about it.

67.    Your best friend is the one who knows you better than anyone else. And they know you don't want to be sickly. So text them when you're feeling ill.

68.    You know, I never did have a best friend growing up - and now I have you!

69.    Hey, girl. Let's go out and rewatch the movie again!

70.    Hey, bud! I miss our friendship ☺ It sounds like you're doing great.

71.    Just because you're my best friend doesn't mean we can't have a laugh.

72.    You're such a goof! Remember that time I forgot to go to the bathroom and we had to pee on the floor lol.

73.    I'm feeling socially awkward, but I really like you.

74.    I feel like I'm in a movie! You were amazing.

75.    Hey, do you want to be my best friend forever? Let's start with the basics - a chat.

76.    You miss me? Do you need me to come over so we can binge a few episodes of The Candidate on Netflix?

77.    Wish you were here with me today. I'm always happier when you're around, so let's be friends forever.

78.    When we met, I knew it'd be great! We both have a lot in common and we're on the same page. You're cool. I'm cool. So let's keep in touch.

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