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Funny Good Morning Wishes & Messages

There are many benefits to sending funny good morning wishes and messages. They can be a fun way to start the day and make someone smile. They can also help improve communication between friends and family members. 

Here are some of the benefits of sending funny good morning wishes and messages: 

They can help break the ice in conversations. If you're stuck in a funk, sending a funny good morning message can be a great way to start off your day. It will make you more approachable and likely lead to more meaningful conversations later on in the day. 

Funny good morning wishes and messages also provide a fun way for friends and family members to communicate with one another. Whether it's telling someone that you love them or just making them laugh, these messages are sure to brighten someone's day!

Below are various good morning wishes & messages;

Funny Good Morning Wishes & Messages

1.    Good morning! I hope you have a great day today! I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of love!

2.    I hope you're having a great day so far. I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say good morning and to let you know that I'm thinking of you. 

3.    Good morning! I hope you have a fantastic day! I know you're probably already having a great day, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

4.    I hope you're having a great day so far! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say good morning and to let you know that I'm thinking of you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

5.    Good Morning, I love your smile.

6.    Are you waking up to the sound of birds chirping? Then get outside and feed them with the one thing they need most - you!

7.    Hey, still in bed? Sorry to break your slumber, but it’s time to get up and start your day.

8.    Good morning! Let's have a laugh today and change the tone of our day to something fun.

9.    Your morning brightens each day with the gift of your smile. It's a truly unique experience that no one can take away from you.

10.    Good morning, _____. I can't believe I slept in this late. Hope you're having a fantastic, exciting day.

Funny Good Morning Wishes & Messages

11.    Good morning to you, sweet thing. Let me remind you of what a wonderful day it will be today. Have no worries and stay positive.

12.    With the sun coming up, it's time to get ready for another great day.

13.    A day full of new adventures, what would your day be like?

14.    Did you get enough sleep last night? I sure did! Wishing good morning to you, my love.

15.    Great morning, Sunshine! Here's a good morning from me to you.

16.    Good morning, can you believe that today is my first day of work? I hope your day is great and we'll be working together for a long time.

17.    Good morning, sunshine! I hope your day is perfect. I love having you in my life.

18.    Good morning, sweet prince of mine! Hope you had a wonderful night, I had a great time.

19.    Good morning, Sunshine! I woke up this morning to a new day, and I couldn't help but be excited for all the adventures it will have in store for us.

20.    Good morning, sunshine! The weather is gorgeous and I'm having a blast being outside in it with you.

Funny Good Morning Wishes & Messages

21.    Hey, how's your day going? I just thought of you. Hope you're doing well.

22.    You know what they say, 'The morning is the best time of day'. You wake up and stretch your tired body. It's a wonderful morning.

23.    You're the sun that wakes me up every morning.

24.    Today's our day! I'm glad you're here to celebrate with me. Have a good day.

25.    You're up early today! It's good to see you're on a roll this morning. Here's wishing you a good day.

26.    Good morning! Have you seen the sun?

27.    Laugh it off, be your pretty self, and don't let a little thing like acne get you down. Good morning

28.    You'll have an awesome day today! You're going to be amazing, I can't wait for your day!

29.    Good morning! Welcome to a new day.

30.    Good morning, how are you? I'm doing great, thanks to your thoughtful good morning wishes.

31.    Good morning, sunshine! I hope your day is just as sunny as mine. Thank you for being such a great friend.

32.    Wake up to a bright morning! Let’s make this day great.

33.    A little bird told me you're feeling extra lonely today. That's why I have some fortune cookies waiting for you on my door mat, as well as a refreshing glass of iced tea.

34.    Hey, sweetie. So sorry to wake you up, but I wanted to send a good morning message with a little motivation. You're amazing and we'll definitely make me keep smiling the whole day!

35.    Good morning, it's 5 a.m. And you're still sleeping. You're so cute when you sleep on your stomach, though!

36.    Waking up to a full day of bright new opportunities.

37.    You're the best. I never want to miss an early morning text from you again.

38.    I hope your morning is as lively as mine.

39.    Good morning, friend! It's been a while - what has your week been like?

40.    Good morning! I hope your day is going better than mine. Let's not talk about it...

41.    I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and I'm so happy today.

42.    I'm ready to meet the day- it's a beautiful one.

43.    Let's get started with a new day! Your words are like the sun shining bright and strong in the morning.

44.    Good morning! I hope the past 24 hours have been good to you. Maybe we'll meet later today.

45.    Have a good day. Or better yet, a good morning!

46.    Good morning, sweetheart! Rise and shine with me by your side.

47.    You are so beautiful, it makes me smile. Good morning!

48.    Good morning love. I hope your day starts off well.

49.    Hey, I'm kicking off my day with a smile!

50.    Good morning, buddy. How did you sleep? I'm trying to figure out how I can sleep even less now that you're here.

51.    After a long day, sometimes the best way to start your day is with a laugh. A good laugh or two can brighten your spirits and make all the hard stuff seem that much easier.

52.    So I'm on this airplane, and the pilot announces that they've just turned on a brand new service that lets passengers 'text the attendant.' A few guys start texting me like crazy.

53.    Good morning sunshine, I hope your day is a wonderful one.

54.    Good morning, Sunshine! Have a happy and healthy day.

55.    Start the day off with a laugh and a good reminder knowing everything would be fine.

56.    You are my sun... my universe... I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you today. I love you.

57.    Good morning! I hope you're having an awesome day.

58.    Good morning! I know it's going to be a great day. Let's make sure I'm the reason why. What would you like me to do?

59.    You're so good in the morning, you convinced me to wake up and eat breakfast with you.

60.    You are the light of every day to me! I wish you a wonderful morning - have a great day ahead!

61.    Greetings, I hope your day is off to a fawning start!

62.    Good morning! Wish your day is full of sunshine, sassy positivity, and a snappy comeback.

63.    Good morning, sweetie! This is gonna be the best day ever.

64.    Good morning! I hope you have a great day. Let's go for a run at 7 am. Remember to dress for the weather.

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