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Funny Retirement Wishes and Messages

There are many benefits to sending out retirement wishes and messages. Sometimes, people may feel a sense of closure after sending a message to a loved one who is retiring. Sending a retirement message can also help soften the blow of a loved one’s retirement, as it can remind them that they are not alone and that others share in their excitement and anticipation of their retirement. Additionally, messages can help keep a loved one connected to their retirement community and help them feel supported.

Below are various (funny) retirement wishes and messages;

Funny Retirement Wishes and Messages

1.    Woo, it's been a wild ride! From being a kid to working all day to turning in for the night - what are your first thoughts on your retirement? Let us know!

2.    Congratulations on your Retirement Party.

3.    Haha, my retirement is going to be the best.

4.    Dear old age, here's to many more years of my adventures!

5.    I wish I had done more... Just kidding, I love my life now.

6.    It was torture watching you go, but I'm glad you found your happiness.

7.    You are officially retired! No more toiling away in the office, no more cube farm, and no more gray hair. Life is good - May your retirement wishes come true.

8.    I love my retirement! All I have to do is open up Instagram, and there are so many funny memes to share!

9.    Let's be honest. I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

10.    Filled with hope and dreams, you retire at the ripe old age of sixty to start your retirement life. But there's one thing missing - you're not sure what to do next!

Funny Retirement Wishes and Messages

11.    Congratulations! You've just retired, but it seems like you still have all these friends asking for money and favors. You're not ready for that.

12.    Wishing you a retirement that is a smooth sail and a life that is as fun as the waves crashing on the shore.

13.    So you're leaving the corporate office for the last time today. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

14.    You deserve a life of happiness and adventure, as you've already fulfilled your career responsibilities.

15.    I'm gonna miss our shared dance parties, but I'm ok with moving on to my new area. I hope your retirement is as fabulous as it can be.

16.    When I retire, I'm going to move to a small house on top of a mountain and sell hand-made artisanal pickles.

17.    I wish my grandkids would come to visit me a lot more often. I'm so lonely here and my grandkids love to keep me company!

18.    Happy retirement! I am beyond proud of the life you've made for yourself in your old age.

19.    I wish for my golden years to be all about reminiscing and learning new things, not about worrying about retirement or planning for the future.

20.    I'm retiring! I'm so excited to start a new life with my best friends who are also retiring.

Funny Retirement Wishes and Messages

21.    If you're ready to retire, start your adventures right away with a new life.

22.    Congratulations on your retirement!

23.    Go get 'em world. You were always an inspiration and I'm sure you'll be the same in retirement.

24.    Your favorite retirement goals are worthy ones, whether it's a beach retreat or a chrome-dome retirement home.

25.    I hope your retirement is as fruitful and happy as mine.

26.    I wish I would've retired when I was your age.

27.    Just looking back, I never thought my retirement would be this entertaining.

28.    You need to talk to me after retirement. I'll help you answer all those tough retirement questions - we'd make the best friends.

29.    Sending you a happy retirement! We'll see each other again someday ...

30.    I wish for you to be happy and successful in your retirement, but I hope you win the lottery first.

31.    Uh oh, you're getting old. Don't worry, your retirement is going to be hilarious!

32.    Boy, we'll be able to go on vacation now that we're retired!

33.    Here's hoping that you have a long and happy retirement! Wishing you the best.

34.    Hey, I'm still here! It's been great taking care of you lately, but now it's time for me to start living my life. Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement.

35.    Happy Second Day of Retirement! I hope this day has been a lot of fun and that you're getting used to life post-work. I can't wait to see what your next adventure with your friends and family will be like.

36.    I wish you a great retirement and hope that we have the opportunity to cross paths again sometime down the line.

37.    Remember that time when we were kids, our dad told us the story of his retirement? Man, those were some good times! Take a moment and remember how inspiring those stories were.

38.    I can't believe I'm already retired - I had so much more to do.

39.    Life's been a lot of fun and I want to thank all the people who have made it so. As my retirement nears, I'm making some last-minute wishes.

40.    My golden years are looking good so far. I'm thinking about all the fun stuff I want to accomplish now that I'm retired.

41.    I wish our retirement would go as smoothly as a pack of smokes.

42.    It's not a day, but your retirement age is approaching. What did you wish for and how has your life been?

43.    May all your wishes come true, even the ones that you don't really want but are good. Happy retirement!

44.    I hope this message finds you doing the one thing, you love doing, in your retirement.

45.    I wish I knew what to expect in retirement.

46.    Happy retirement! Say goodbye to the old you and hello to the new! Let's celebrate life together with a laugh or two in our chat.

47.    Congratulations! You're officially retired. Make sure to save your favorite jokes and happy retirement messages.

48.    Happy retirement!

49.    Today, life has so many precious moments and none of us know what the future holds. I hope your future holds you in all your old age glory! Let's celebrate with a retirement toast.

50.    I hope retirement is treating you well. Let's celebrate your retirement later this evening. We can laugh about this together.

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