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Good Night Messages For Friends – Wishes and Messages

When you send a good night message to a friend, you're letting them know that you care about them and that you'll miss them. You might also include a heartfelt statement to remind them that they're always in your thoughts.

Below are various good night messages for friends;

Good Night Messages For Friends – Wishes and Messages

1.    I hope you're not experiencing any dark thoughts tonight because darkness brings bad things. Let the light shine!

2.    Hey, I hope you rest well tonight. Look at the stars and think of all the good things in life and how blessed you are to have them.

3.    Hey, you're a really good friend, and I'm really lucky that you're always there for me.

4.    Wishing you a great night's sleep and hopeful dreams.

5.    Have a great evening and sleep tight.

6.    Today was great. Thank you for everything. I'm glad we're friends.

7.    May all your days be full of color and happy memories!

8.    Thanks for being such a great friend, I can't wait to see you tomorrow.

9.    Sending you a big hug and a kiss goodnight! I hope that you sleep well and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

10.    It's been a long day, but I know you'll make it through. I'm so glad we're friends.

Good Night Messages For Friends – Wishes and Messages

11.    I know this was a long day, so I'm going to say good night and let you rest.

12.    Go to bed dreaming of adventure and love!

13.    When I close my eyes, I'm always hoping for a good night. You're one of my best friends, and I hope you get a night of good sleep too.

14.    Good night my friend! I hope tomorrow brings a new beginning.

15.    Hello, my beautiful friends! Remember to always stay strong and bright in your mind. Good night.

16.    Sleep tight and I'll see you in the morning, my friend.

17.    Have sweet dreams, beautiful. I hope you have the most wonderful night.

18.    Hold tight, I'm coming to tuck you in ... and make sure that your dreams are sweet!

19.    Good Night, friend! Thanks for being such a bright spot in my day. Let's dream of great adventures together.

20.    Goodnight buddy.

Good Night Messages For Friends – Wishes and Messages

21.    I hope you had a good day, I want to say good night.

22.    You know you're the moon and stars in my life. Wish you a good night.

23.    I wish you a good night and sweet dreams, where only your smile is there, bringing my world right every time.

24.    I'm sorry I couldn't text you. I just wanted to say that in my heart you're always here for me, and I hope we can talk soon.

25.    You're the best! I love you!

26.    Good night! May today's day be filled with glitter, smiles, and rainbows.

27.    Good night, friend. I have some great news for you tomorrow morning. See you soon.

28.    The best part about being friends is the way we can help each other through anything. I love that you're my friend and I hope you have a good night.

29.    How was your day? I hope that you had a great day. We'll be friends forever and will see each other again in the future, tomorrow. Good Night!

30.    Today was an amazing adventure! Thanks for everything you have done, you rock! Good night.

31.    Hey! Have a good night, sweet dreams.

32.    Good night my sweet prince, may the angels watch over you and keep you safe. Don't forget to always remember me and how much I love you.

33.    Good night to all my friends, I hope this is a good night for you too!

34.    Your night is winding down, what are you doing tomorrow?

35.    It's hard to get out of bed on days when your head is filled with worries, but you deserve a good night's sleep. Make these moments count for tomorrow.

36.    Hey! I hope you have a great day tomorrow but, tonight, get a lot of rest.

37.    Good night,! Tonight was so much fun I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. You are my best friend and I don't know what I would do without you.

38.    Goodnight, Baby! I'm so glad we're friends.

39.    Even though it's not morning, I hope you're sleeping soundly.

40.    Hey buddy, I was thinking of you today. I hope your night went well.

41.    Hey, I hope your night was as awesome and bright as mine will be tomorrow. I'm going to have a jam-packed day with a lot of time for fun, so let's get together soon!

42.    It's been a rough day, but let me brighten your night with a little something. Here's wishing you the best for today, tomorrow, and always.

43.    Sending you a goodnight message tonight! Have sweet dreams.

44.    Hey, friend. I'm about to go to bed but wanted to wish you a good night.

45.    Hey, I hope you had a great day today. It was fun catching up with you. Remember to sleep tight and always remember that we're here for you. Good night!

46.    I hope you have the best night's rest tonight. Dream of the life you want to live. I will miss you.

47.    It was great seeing you tonight! I'm sorry things got a little crazy at the end.

48.    Good night my friend! Have sweet dreams, every single time.

49.    Good night! I hope you sleep well and dream about the stars.

50.    Hey babe, I hope you have a great night. I'll be thinking of you all the time.

51.    Hey [name], let's talk about some cool stuff tomorrow. Take a break and we'll catchup tomorrow.

52.    Hey until the morning, I hope you have a restful night's sleep. And remember that if you dream about me, it's a sign that we'll ever be together no matter what.

53.    You're my best friend for so many reasons! Hope you are having a great night. Here's a beautiful message to help you drift off.

54.    Wishing you the best day ahead! Enjoy your weekend.

55.    Hope you had a wonderful night and slept like a baby. I'll see you tomorrow.

56.    Sleep tight, be good and get a good dream.

57.    Hey there friend! Just want to say goodnight and wish you a great day tomorrow.

58.    I can't wait for tomorrow to come and see you again, goodnight.

59.    🙏💜 This is your last night of sleep before I take over, but don't worry, I'm here to keep you safe.

60.    Good night and all the good things in the world, may your dreams come true.

61.    Hey, friends. It's been a hectic day, and this is our last chance to catch up before it's time for sleep. Remember when we were kids?

62.    Hey Girl! Hope you had a great day, here's wishing you a good night.

63.    Good night! Stay safe and don't forget that you can always count on me.

64.    I hope you have a wonderful night with dreams of all the memories we've made.

65.    Good night, my friend. I hope you had a restful, happy day - Goodnight.

66.    I'm going to bed now, but I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

67.    Sending this good night to you and your family. May all your dreams come true tomorrow!

68.    Goodnight, sweet dreams!

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