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Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend – Farewell Messages for Her

When a relationship comes to an end, many people find themselves at a loss for what to do. There are so many things left unsaid, and yet the relationship is over. It can be difficult to know how to say goodbye when you're not even sure what the relationship was. If you have a girlfriend that you're parting ways with, sending her a goodbye message can be a great way to let her know how you feel, and to say all of the things that you didn't have the chance to say while you were together.

There are many benefits to sending goodbye messages for your girlfriend. First and foremost, it can help closure in the relationship. It can be hard to move on if there are unanswered questions or things left unsaid between you and your ex-girlfriend.

Below are various goodbye messages for girlfriend (farewell messages for her);

Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend – Farewell Messages for Her

1.    I'm sorry for everything I've said and done that hurt you. It was never my intention to push you away from me. So please, don't be mad.

2.    I can't do this anymore. I need to leave now.

3.    Hey baby girl. I hope you're doing well and enjoying yourself. I'm going to miss you so much, but I know we'll always stay in touch.

4.    Hey, it's been a long time. I hope life has been amazing for you and that you're doing well. We've made some great memories together, and now I think it's time we let go so we can both move on with our lives.

5.    I can't say goodbye just like that. It seems like such a cliché thing to say. Let's make our goodbye special.

6.    You're my best friend, and I'm so glad you found me. It's been a wild ride, but I'm still looking for my true love.

7.    Hey, Angel, it's been a blast. I'm sad that this is the end of us.

8.    I wish that I could stay in your life forever. It was so nice getting to know you, just like old times.

9.    Hey, I hope you're doing well! I'll miss you so much. I can only hope that our paths cross again soon.

10.    I really hope we had a chance to get to know each other. I'm going to miss you.

Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend – Farewell Messages for Her

11.    I love you and always will, but it's time to say goodbye. It's been a pleasure to have you as my girlfriend. Until we meet again!

12.    I’ve loved you through high school, college, and now this long-distance relationship. I think it is time we go our separate ways as long-distance relationship doesn't work for me.

13.    Hey there girlfriend, seeing you off to college is a bittersweet moment. You're going to be so far away from me and I can't help but wonder what it will be like without you.

14.    So I've decided this is it. This is the time for us to go our separate ways.

15.    Remember our first date? I can never forget it either. What a night that was. However, this is where the journey ends for us.

16.    Just in case things don't work out, let me say I love you.

17.    I'm so sorry for my past mistakes. I hope you can forgive me. Goodbye.

18.    I'm going to miss you so much. It's been great spending these few months together and I'm so glad we've become closer than ever before.

19.    Hey sweetie, it was really touching to find out how much you loved me. We've shared so many memories & experiences together that I know I'll never forget. It was great knowing you.

20.    Just before you get on the plane to head home from your vacation, I just wanted to say that I'll miss you so terribly much and I have no idea when we'll see each other.

Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend – Farewell Messages for Her

21.    I always cherished the time we spent together and what a wonderful memory it will be. I wish we could have more, but this is goodbye for now.

22.    Remember when we met in high school, I was your best friend. We've seen each other through all of the ups and downs.

23.    Hi, we've decided to go our separate ways but there are no hard feelings. It was definitely a pleasure to get to know you throughout the past few months and I wish you all the best.

24.    Oh no! This is it, you're finally breaking up with me...

25.    Let me give you a proper farewell that's worth the tears and memories.

26.    It's time we say our goodbyes. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be here for you like an angel.

27.    I'll always be with you in your memories.

28.    I'm sorry to hear you're moving on but I will always love you.

29.    I hope we'll always be friends, even after I'm gone from your life.

30.    I'm sorry I have to leave but I would always cherish you in my thoughts. 

31.    Good luck in your future endeavors.

32.    Hi, I'm sorry I have to leave, but you'll always have a happy memory of me.

33.    Hey, can I get a quick word before this is over? You're one of my closest friends and I don't want to go without saying it.

34.    Thank you so much for everything. I will always remember our time together and cherish every moment we shared.

35.    Hey, I'm leaving. I hope we can stay friends.

36.    Being away from you is killing me. I can't tell you how much I love you. Hopefully, we'll be together someday.

37.    I'm sorry I can't be there for you today and forever.

38.    This is it – time to say goodbye for good. It's been a pleasure, I wish you all the best.

39.    I'm sorry for the painful past, I wish you all the love in the world and to make your future bright.

40.    Wishing you all the best, I hope you have a wonderful time remarrying and doing amazing things.

41.    Wishing you a safe trip because I can't wait to see you again. Thank you for being by my side.

42.    You've been a blessing and I'm going to miss you so much. I hope wherever you are, it's amazing and happy.

43.    I'm glad you found love and happiness. I hope you're finding what is best for you. Time to say goodbye.

44.    I'm sorry this is happening, but I'll always remember you.

45.    I hope that you'll find your next chapter.

46.    Remember when we used to rock the world together? K, just kidding. You were my best friend and now I'm moving on. You know you're still welcome at my table.

47.    Hey, I'm so sorry to hear that you've decided to move on from us. Bye for now. But hey - don't forget to keep in touch!

48.    You are not my girlfriend. But I'm writing to you as one for the last time. Remember that night when you first told me your secret? You promised me we would never stop talking to each other, but now it's been 6 months and I haven't even heard from you in all that time.

49.    I'm sorry if I ever made you feel bad about who you are and what you should be doing. You deserve the best, and I hope that this helps make up for my mistakes.

50.    I've had a wonderful time with you, and I'll never forget the moments we shared.

51.    It's been one year since we started this ride together and I can't believe it's already over. Wish you every happiness with another guy.

52.    You're the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I wish you all the best and hope you aren't mad that I have to say goodbye to what we have.

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