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Goodnight Texts and Messages For Her From The Heart

There are many reasons why people send goodnight texts and messages for her from the heart. Here are just a few of its benefits: 

-They make sure that the person you're texting has a good night.
-They show your concern for them. 
-They create a sense of intimacy and connection between you two. 
-They make her feel loved and appreciated.

Below are various goodnight texts and messages for her from the heart;

Goodnight Texts and Messages For Her From The Heart

1.    I know you'll be asleep soon and we want to say goodnight before then. Have an amazing day tomorrow.

2.    Goodnight, my love. I miss you so much and I cannot wait to see your beautiful face again soon. I love you so much.

3.    Goodnight, I'll be thinking of you.

4.    Goodnight, baby. I'm counting the stars and thinking of you tonight. Hope all your dreams come true.

5.    I hope you have a great day tomorrow! I love you with all my heart and always dream of our future together.

6.    Goodnight, Beautiful.

7.    Hey girlfriend, I had a good day. I finished dinner and now it's time to take the kids to bed.

8.    No matter how far away you are, I'll always love you. Goodnight.

9.    I love you so much, my heart can't help but ache when I see you go. Just know that it's always there for you in the morning.

10.    Goodnight my love! I hope you had a great day today. Just one last thing before I turn off the lights - I'll always love you.

Goodnight Texts and Messages For Her From The Heart

11.    Goodnight sweetie, I love you so much. And no matter how mad you are at me tonight, know that I'll always be loving you.

12.    Goodnight, my love. I hope you sleep well because we had a good day today. I'll see you when I wake up.

13.    Goodnight my sweet princess.

14.    It's been a long day. Let's just try and get some sleep ok?

15.    Goodnight love.

16.    I hope you're having a good night.

17.    Goodnight, love! I'm so glad we're spending this weekend together. I love you.

18.    Hey, (insert name), it's been a while since we talked. I'm just saying that I love you and always be here for you, no matter what. Goodnight!

19.    I hope your day was great! Let's hope for a good night.

20.    Goodnight, baby, I love you and miss you. Let's sleep tight.

Goodnight Texts and Messages For Her From The Heart

21.    Goodnight & sweet dreams from your sweetheart.

22.    Can't sleep? Need something to calm you down? I'm here.

23.    You're the best part of my day, and I can't wait to see you in the morning. Love you.

24.    I hope you had a wonderful day today. I'm thinking of you and how much I love you.

25.    Even though you're asleep, I'll never stop thinking about you.

26.    Sleep tight!

27.    I love you! Have a good night, from your partner.

28.    Special night! Thanks for being by my side and being my darling.

29.    Wishing you a goodnight full of peace, love, and all the cuddles!

30.    Slumber soundly in the arms of someone who loves you. Goodnight, my love.

31.    I hope you have a wonderful night ahead. I love you.

32.    Goodnight, my heart.

33.    Goodnight, my sweet little angel. I hope that you have a restful slumber and a great dream!

34.    Goodnight baby, I see the stars in your eyes.

35.    Goodnight Love. Go to sleep with a smile on your face. Have sweet dreams.

36.    You are the most important person in my life and I want you to know that every minute of every day.

37.    'Sweet dreams' 'Goodnight my love'.

38.    I love you more than the stars in the sky, more than all the flowers, and everything that is good in this world. I think about you every day and tell you how much I love you.

39.    I love you. Even when the sun is shining and I'm so happy, there will always be a place in my heart for you. Goodnight.

40.    Hey honey, sleep well, and I'll see you soon! Love you!

41.    You are so great. I love talking to you, hearing you laugh, and seeing your sweet smile. You make everything easier, even the hard times. Remember that no matter what comes in your life, you'll always have me to help pull through. I love you so much!

42.    Every time I look at you, I feel like all the stars in the sky are looking back at me. I don't know what it is about you that makes me feel so special.

43.    Hey beautiful! It's already getting late, but I can't stop thinking about you. I'm sending my love and some sweet dreams.

44.    Hey baby girl. Missing you already… But I know you're celebrating your big day and I hope it's going well.

45.    Goodnight Sweetheart, my love for you is eternal, night is the perfect time to think of all the ways we are forever connected. I hope your dreams tonight are peaceful and safe.

46.    Goodnight My Love.

47.    Goodnight my love, I'm so glad I met you. It's been a rollercoaster of fun since we met and I'm so excited for what's next.

48.    Hey, I was thinking about you tonight and wanted to send you a goodnight text message.

49.    Goodnight love, you deserve the best sleep. You're amazing, and I'm so lucky to know you.

50.    Goodnight baby. I'm on my way now. I love you.

51.    I hope you're having a good night, babe. I am thinking about you.

52.    Your eyes are like stars that sparkle even in the darkest night. My heart will always be true, I can't wait to say goodnight to you.

53.    Goodnight my love, thank you for all these wonderful moments together. Sleep tight.

54.    Thanks for the memories today. I love you and miss you already. Have a beautiful sleep tonight.

55.    The best part of waking up is opening your eyes to a morning full of the beauty in everything you love. I hope your day is filled with a lot of love and joy - I love you.

56.    I'm sorry you've had a rough day, but rest easy knowing you're not alone.

57.    A bright and wonderful day will greet you tomorrow, so make it a good one. Remember that you are loved.

58.    Hey babe, I love you. You're the best woman in my life and I want to tell you that. Goodnight babe.

59.    For the sweet dreams that you carry in your heart, tomorrow morning I hope you find your smile.

60.    I hope you had a wonderful day sweety. I want to wish you goodnight and remind you that we're always connected on the inside.

61.    Letting go a bit earlier today? I feel you. Here's a good night message for you from the heart.

62.    You go to bed feeling so alone without me by your side. Just in case you feel like that tonight, know that I'm always here for you.

63.    Sweet dreams, my beautiful _______ (name of your girlfriend)!

64.    Tonight, when I say goodnight to you, I know you'll think of me - and remember that I love you.

65.    The night is dark and the stars are bright. The only thing that makes this moment perfect is you. Goodnight my love.

66.    Goodnight, Hugs, I Love You.

67.    I had a great time tonight, but it doesn't mean we have to stop hanging out. Let's talk tomorrow.

68.    Goodnight and sweet dreams my love. Let's make our day a special one by meeting up tomorrow.

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