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Happy Anniversary in Heaven – Heavenly Anniversary Wishes

One of the benefits of sending anniversary messages to a deceased loved one is that it can help keep their memory alive. By sending these messages, you are reminding yourself and others of the good times you shared with your loved one and how much they meant to you. 

Another benefit of sending anniversary messages to a deceased loved one is that it can help provide comfort in times of need. When we reflect on happy memories of our loved one, it can help us feel supported and comforted during tough times. Remembrance is often one of the best forms of comfort we can offer ourselves during difficult periods.

Finally, sending anniversary messages to a deceased loved one can also be a way to show our respect for them.

Below are various Happy anniversary in heaven wishes;


1.    Our love is perfect and that's the thing I love most about you. You're my partner, my best friend, and the reason I know true love exists. I hope you know how much I love and miss you. Happy anniversary in heaven.

2.    I miss you so much, ____. I wish we could be together forever.

3.    I cherish our memories together and watch the years go by. I love you, and I'll love you more in Heaven.

4.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven!

5.    We hope you're having a great day! We miss you so much and we can't wait to see you again.

6.    It's been a year since your passing and we still can't believe that you're gone. We miss you like crazy, and the world has turned upside down. But one thing is still the same-we'll never stop loving you.

7.    My love, Happy Heavenly Anniversary!

8.    Wishing you a happiness-filled first birthday.

9.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven, I know you're happy over there.

10.    Hey, babe. I hope your first anniversary up there is just as amazing as mine. Here's wishing you a beautiful and unforgettable day.


11.    Our happiest day became our saddest. I hope you are doing well. It was a beautiful life, and even though you are in Heaven, I can't help but be with you always.

12.    Happy anniversary in heaven. Here's to the love we share. I miss you dearly.

13.    I hope you have a perfect day today and every day for the rest of your life. I will always love you.

14.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven.

15.    Hi, it's been six years since you left us. I hope one day we can get back to each other.

16.    On this special day with a beautiful new moon, we send you a love message of peace, hope, and faith.

17.    Your love fills my heart with joy and happiness. Thank you for your beautiful life and for being an amazing wife.

18.    You're a Diamond and we're celebrating your Anniversary.

19.    Thanks for the best years ever! Wishing you a Happy 3rd Anniversary in Heaven.

20.    I miss you so much, it's a year since we met. I wish that I could spend that one year with you again. The days and nights without you will always be a sad part of me.


21.    You've always said that you loved me because I always love you back and tell the truth. Happy Anniversary in Heaven!

22.    Happy Anniversary, Beloved Son.

23.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven! I remember our 5th anniversary since you left us.

24.    It's been a year since your passing and I'm still missing you every day. I hope you're still watching over me.

25.    I love you more than yesterday, more than tomorrow, more than this day. Happy Anniversary in Heaven!

26.    I miss you so much, __________. I wish I could see you again. I remember your 1st anniversary, since your passing, with our loved ones.

27.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven – I'm sorry for the way our relationship ended. It was my fault but I hope your life on the other side is better. Sending lots of love and light.

28.    Happy Anniversary! You're still the light of my life, even in Heaven.

29.    Happy anniversary in heaven. You're a bit of an angel, and I'm over the moon for you!

30.    Our love has lasted through the years, and we promise to cherish every moment of our anniversary together. Happy anniversary in heaven.

31.    Happy Heavenly Anniversary to my Angel! It was exactly 2 years ago that you died and I can't believe how much I miss you - Thank God for the gift of time.

32.    Happy anniversary in heaven. In case you missed the date, we've been married for 50 years today! Let's celebrate with a wish and messages of love.

33.    Happy anniversary in heaven. Thank you for being my angel in heaven. I love you always and forever.

34.    Happy anniversary in heaven. It's been 10 years since you left us.

35.    My dearest, my love, my soulmate. Happy Anniversary in Heaven.

36.    My heart's smiling because today, you and I will be celebrating 10 years of our amazing love. Have an eventful day!

37.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven, Baby!

38.    Happy anniversary in heaven. May the memories of your life last forever and always be cherished.

39.    Happy heavenly anniversary! Here's wishing you were here with us.

40.    Today is your anniversary. It's been years since you passed away but never forget how much love we shared throughout our lives.

41.    A year ago, you left us to set off on a new life. And now we can't imagine our lives without you. Happy Anniversary in heaven.

42.    Happy anniversary in heaven. It's hard to believe it's been a year since you passed.

43.    Happy anniversary in heaven. You were incredible from the moment we met and I appreciate all the love we shared. I miss you dearly.

44.    Happy Anniversary! With love and warm wishes from your family, here's a round of heartfelt messages from us to you in Heaven.

45.    You were the best wife, mom, boss, friend & companion. Have an amazing anniversary on your special day in Heaven.

46.    Because you are my love and always will be, this day is just a reminder that you're here with me today & always. Happy anniversary in heaven.

47.    You've been in my thoughts every day since you, my dad, passed away. I miss you, Dad! Happy anniversary in heaven.

48.    My best friend, the last twelve months have been amazing. I've met someone who loves me for who I am. We are looking forward to another twelve months of happiness. I really wish you were here to share these moments with me. Happy anniversary in heaven.

49.    I miss you more than ever this year, and I know you feel the same. It's been a decade since we last saw each other. Hope you have found peace in heaven.

50.    For fifty years, we've had the best time together. It's been a wonderful ride and we have you to be thankful for all the memories. Happy anniversary in heaven.

51.    Happy anniversary in heaven. You are the one I want to marry in the afterlife.

52.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven! We miss you.

53.    Happy Anniversary in Heaven to my true love - Always in my Heart.

54.    Happy anniversary in heaven. I can't believe I've been celebrating our anniversary every year for the past 12 years alone.

55.    Remember those romantic days we spent together? The time we shared was unforgettable. Happy Anniversary in Heaven.

56.    Happy anniversary in heaven. I hope you're having a wonderful day. Here's wishing you all the best.

57.    Hi, I hope you are having a peaceful day celebrating your anniversary in heaven. I miss you dearly. Happy Anniversary in Heaven.

58.    It's been a year since you left us. We really miss you. Happy anniversary in heaven.

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