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Happy Iftar Wishes, Messages and Dua

The iftar is a Muslim tradition celebrated on the first day of fasting. A number of people will gather to offer food, drink and gifts to the poor and needy. This tradition comes from the Quran (2:185) and has been mentioned in various traditions.

Ramadan is an important religious holiday for Muslims. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims, all over the world, celebrate this holy month with a fast or a fast-breaking meal called iftar (“breakfast”). There are many reasons why it is not just a fast but also a feast. And while we can celebrate all day long with food and drinks, it is not just about food; we also have to celebrate our faith by giving thanks to God for our blessings.

It has been observed that this time period has become more than just a time to eat, drink and sleep because there are many rituals that take place during it as well. There are prayers that take place.

Below are various Iftar wishes, messages, and dua;

Happy Iftar Wishes, Messages and Dua

1.    Alhamdulillah, it's the blessed Ramadan and this is the Iftar 20xx! We wish you a happy and optimistic Ramadan Kareem. May our blessings be with you.

2.    Here's wishing you a wonderful Ramadan! May the blessings of Allah be with you.

3.    Wishing you a blessed Ramadan. Let's team up and make this the best one yet!

4.    This year, Iftar is on the 29th of Ramadan in accordance with Quran Al-Kareem 33:67. Wishing you happiness and blessings as you enjoy your feast.

5.    Let's break the fast together with a special Ramadan Edition of _______

6.    Hope you have a blessed and safe Ramadan 🎆

7.    During Ramadan, we wish you a joyous iftar and hope you find peace in our dua. To help, we've compiled the most read and recommended Hanafi (Sunni) texts.

8.    Ramadan Mubarak to you! May Allah ease the difficulties of your days, and bless you with peace on this night.

9.    Have a great Iftar & Ramadan! May Allah bless us this month.

10.    The month of Ramadan starts tomorrow, and Iftar prayers are a very important tradition. May Allah bless and protect you all through the holy month.

11.    May all your blessings last forever, and may you break the fast and have a happy Iftar with family and friends. Best Regards

12.    Ramadan Mubarak! Let's celebrate our blessings and good deeds of Ramadhan with a friendly reminder that we are always in the company of Allah, who will never leave us.

13.    Let's wish and pray for a year of happiness, health, and peace. May Allah bless your family with happiness.

14.    We're here wishing you a very happy iftar—let's hope it's a good one.

15.    Ramadan Mubarak. May the blessings of Allah be upon you always and forever.

16.    May everyone across the world find peace, happiness, and prosperity on this holy day. We hope that you will enjoy your meal and spend time with friends and family.

17.    As you break your fast and start your celebration, may peace and blessings be upon you. Let's end the day in prayer with Iftar Dua and messages.

18.    Are you ready to break your fast?

19.    Wishing you a blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah forgive us for our mistakes and help us to do the things we need to do each day so that we can live a better and more pious life.

20.    You're guaranteed to have a great Iftar. Let's wish each other well with this Iftar greeting card.

21.    Have an amazing day, Ramadan Kareem! Give the Quran a good read.

22.    In Ramadan, the Prophet Muhammad would break his fast by reading entertaining and inspirational dua while his companions did not eat anything before Maghrib prayer.

23.    Alhamdulillah, Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem, and all that good stuff. Here's wishing you a happy Iftar today!

24.    The best day of the year is finally here! We have some sweet Ramadan gift ideas for those you love.

25.    Let's have a happy, healthy, and successful Ramadan! May Allah bless us all.

26.    A delicious Ramadan message from your favorite travel app to send you best wishes for a sweet and enjoyable month ahead!

27.    If you're fasting today and feeling hungry, let me know and I'll send you a blessing from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

28.    When Ramadan comes to a close, the bountiful and spirit-lifting days are over. We wish you a wonderful festival with our Ramadan dua for every occasion.

29.    We're celebrating Ramadan with special Iftar features! Make sure to check out what's new for Ramadan and Iftar.

30.    May Allah fill your heart with love and may He always shower you with His blessings.

31.    Salam Alaikum! Would you like to pray with me today? Send my dua to a friend. I hope you enjoyed your Ramadan.

32.    Happy Iftar! Did you know that 5% of all the meals in your country are served during Ramadan? Make sure to check out my #IftarWishes

33.    Dear _____, you are surrounded by blessings today. May you be granted peace and a healthy tomorrow. May your loved ones be blessed with happiness and joy.

34.    Dear, Ramadan Mubarak to you on a joyful journey. I wish all of you the best this Ramadan.

35.    May Allah (God) bless you with a happy iftar and an evening without worry. Ramadan Kareem

36.    It's the holy month of Ramadan, a time to be with the family, share in Iftar, and fast. Your wishes are warm and sweet; please accept our Ramadan greetings.

37.    Greetings of Ramadan, Iftar, and Eid! Each night your wishes and dua will be answered in the true meaning of Ramadhan. May your day be blessed.

38.    Make this the most delicious day of your life with a wish, message, and dua.

39.    Hey friend, enjoy Iftar and Ramadan. Here's some good dua to help you through your day.

40.    Which Suhoor for today? Wishing you a very happy iftar!

41.    Welcome to the wonderful world of Ramadan! Let me make this evening extra special with a greeting on your behalf.

42.    Wishing you a happy iftar and a blessed Ramadan ~ May Allah spread love and light in your life.

43.    We are so excited to share the joys of Ramadan with you. Here's wishing you a happy and healthy Ramadan.

44.    To celebrate Ramadan, share your wishes and dua with your friends and family.

45.    As you get ready for Iftar, know that my prayers and good wishes are with you.

46.    Iftar Mubarak 20xx!

47.    May you be blessed with good health and happiness that lasts.

48.    Hey, Iftar Mubarak! And please remember to pray for the hungry. May Allah bless your family and give you peace.

49.    Did you see the new Iftar recipes? Make your night with these delicious recipes!

50.    Iftar Mubarak to all my friends and family around the world. Let's break our fast with some iced coffee.

51.    May this Ramadan be the best and most peaceful one ever.

52.    Ramadan Mubarak! Wishing you peace and blessings in this holy month of Ramadan. It's a time for family, friends, and community. Let's celebrate together.

53.    Thank you for fasting this Ramadan! May this blessed month bring peace, health, and happiness in abundance.

54.    Salamun Aleykum! You're in the mood for a little digestion and relaxation, but with the fasting month on its way to an end, your hunger may be going out of control.

55.    لا إِلَهَ إِلا اللّـه

56.    Iftar Mubarak, Ramadan Mubarak, Happy Iftar.

57.    Ramadan Mubarak, sweet dreams, and may Allah bless you.

58.    I wish you happiness and joy for the coming day.

59.    Iftar Mubarak to all our beloved guests.

60.    May Allah (SWT) bless you and grant you a blessed iftar. Here are some messages to share with your loved ones.

61.    With Ramadan and the beginning of the holy month of Shawwāl, I hope that you and your family are enjoying yourselves. May Allah bless you with good health, and a great month.

62.    May your Iftar be filled with joy and blessings. May you feel peace and contentment in your life today and every day.

63.    Here's wishing you a blessed iftar and Ramadan. May this holy month help you find the meaning of what really matters; that's something we hope for every day.

64.    Wishing you a blessed Iftar! May Allah guide you to forgiveness and peace in this holy month.

65.    May Allah bless you with His grace today and always...

66.    Iftar Mubarak! May all your days be filled with peace, love, joy, and bliss.

67.    Wishing you a blessed Ramadan, a happy Iftar, and a peaceful night.

68.    May God change your life every day of this Ramadan. May you be filled with only good deeds.

69.    Iftar is the time for breaking the fast and gathering with family & friends. Let's share some dua with each other and invoke peace, serenity, and blessings.

70.    In Ramadan's spirit, please accept my warm wishes for the month of mercy and blessings. May this be a great time for you, spiritually and physically. Stay strong in all that you have accomplished.

71.    Imagine you're eating in a beautiful Ramadan sunset. Now, imagine all of that with your family and friends. Welcome to Ramadan Mubarak! Happy Iftar!

72.    Iftar is a time for family and friends to come together, so wish your loved ones a blessed Ramadan with a message that captures their hearts.

73.    May Allah bless you on this blessed day, give you the best fortune, and bless your loved ones. May our Prophet Muhammad SAW protect you. Wishing you a happy Iftar.

74.    اَللَّهُمَّ صِرْ لَنا عَبْدِكَ خي

75.    Kia Ora, send Salah Mubarak to your loved ones today. Here's wishing you a happy Eid.

76.    May Allah bless your Ramadan with happiness and all blessings, and offer us the prayers of our beloved Prophet.

77.    Wish your friends, family, and loved ones a happy iftar this Ramadan. Please send Happy Iftar messages, greetings, and dua to friends and loved ones.

78.    Iftar Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem, and many more to come! Let's make this a day to remember.

79.    May your Ramadan be blessed with peace, happiness, and abundance.

80.    On this joyous occasion, let us wish you all the best for a blessed Ramadan.

81.    Ramadan is a time for eternal blessings! Wishing you all the best for a Ramadan that's full of joy, peace, and happiness.

82.    Iftar Mubarak! A time of generosity. Sharing food and a meal of gratitude with family, friends, and community. May God bless your Ramadan.

83.    May your day be full of hope, joy, and blessings.

84.    Tonight is the holy iftar, the first of many feasts in Ramadan. This year, let's join in unity and joy on this night.

85.    Wishing you peace and a great Ramadan.

86.    Wishing you a happy iftar full of blessings. Dua for Ramadan wellbeing.

87.    امروز حفلتنا الصباحية مع بعثة للنهاي

88.    Have a great fasting month and don't forget to send your belated Ramadan good wishes.

89.    May the blessings of Allah be with you during the holy month of Ramadan!

90.    We all know that Ramadan is a time for reflection, forgiveness, and prayers. #Dua1

91.    Prayer for the holy month of Ramadan on the day of Iftar.

92.    Iftar is a time when Muslims must break their fast in the evening and thank Allah for providing them with food, water, and provisions. In this spirit, we wish you.

93.    Ramadan Mubarak! "Prayers of a peaceful month are answered in the month of Ramadan" - Prophet Mohammed

94.    Ramadan Mubarak! May this blessed month bring peace, joy, and hope to you, your family, friends, and loved ones. See what we're celebrating in our store as part of our iftar.

95.    Here's wishing you a blessed day, may Allah make it easy for you to fast in Ramadan.

96.    لحظون يا جماعة القبور

97.    Prepare for a night of happiness! Ramadan is here, faith can be found in every bite.

Happy Iftar Wishes, Messages and Dua

98.    A message of hope and compassion, May the blessings of this holy month fill your life with happiness.

99.    For the holy month of Ramadan, we wish you the best. As part of our tradition, we'll donate some money to a charity that helps provide food and basic amenities for Muslims during Ramadan.

100.    May you find your peace in this holy month of Ramadan. May Allah help us all to be content with what we have, and to be grateful for every blessing. Ameen

101.    لا حرمنا من رحمة الله وقبره

102.    May you find comfort and solace in this holy month. Here's wishing you a blessed Ramadan!

103.    When the sun starts to set on our loved ones, we offer these wishes for peace and rest.

104.    انتم شريكي لافته بخير

105.    Ramadan Mubarak! Let's break the fast together and make a new beginning to your day.

106.    May Allah bless you and your family with peace, health, food abundance, kindness, and good fortune. May we be patient with the hardships that come our way. May the blessings of Allah find you.

107.    Wishing you all the best for your Iftar, Ramadan, and a happy, healthy & peaceful year ahead.

108.    What's your Iftar wish? Get a beautiful dua that speaks to you.

109.    The end of the Ramadan fast is almost here, let's celebrate with Iftar Wishes from the Prophet Mohammed!

110.    Eid is almost here! Will you be joining me? Let's celebrate the season of peace, love, and happiness with these incredible messages that can't be missed out on.

111.    It's Eid Al-Fitr day and everyone is on the edge of their seats! We hope you're loving the #HappyEid vibes. Let us wish you a beautiful Eid.

112.    Hello, fellow Muslim. May Ramadan be full of love, peace, and prosperity. Here are some Islamic greeting wishes to start the day with!

113.    Iftar Mubarak to you.

114.    You made it to the holy month of Ramadan and I'm so excited about the dinner we will celebrate with our family, friends, and coworkers. May Allah bless your fast.

115.    May your fast be a blessing and your blessings be countless. May you enjoy the sweetness of Ramadan without sorrow or worry. We hope you are able to spend this month in peace and happiness.

116.    Mabruk Ramadan Kareem! May the blessings of Ramadan be many, may you have a peaceful time with family and friends, and may Allah protect your loved ones!

117.    Ramadan Mubarak Eid Kareem.

118.    ...wishes peace and the continuous fasting of Ramadan...

119.    This is the month of Ramadan. A time when Muslims take time to celebrate with family and friends. May all be blessed with good health, a happy Iftar, and prayers.

120.    Send traditional Ramadan greetings to your Muslim friends in Australia and update them on their progress with their Ramadan journeys.

121.    Al Hamdu Lillah, Ramadan Kareem!

122.    Praying for a blessed Ramadan? Wish someone else an Eid Mubarak!

123.    للشكر والتوقيع بعامة لمن طلب الإسلامي

124.    This Ramadan's rich with blessings, forgiveness, and goodness. Iftar Mubarak to you on this blessed day.

125.    May Allah bless you with a blessed Ramadan. May all your wishes come true & may you be happy and content.

126.    Is this your first time fasting? Don't worry, Iftar is nothing to be scared of. Here are 6 tips to make it easy on your stomach during the holy month.

127.    Find peace in your heart by following these invocations from Prophet Mohammad.

128.    May Allah bless you and your family during the holy month of Ramadan.

129.    Ramadan Mubarak! Let's unite with the spirit of Ramadan to break the fast with a glass of cold water and a good book. May everything go well on your end.

130.    Ramadan is a beautiful time of spiritual nourishment, good deeds, and charity. May you have good health and attention.

131.    Iftar Mubarak to you and yours, May this blessed Ramadan bring health & happiness to all your family. Happy iftar!

132.    May God give you peace, happiness, and love on your blessed day.

133.    Hey, how's it going? I think this is the best time to reach out and say Iftar Mubarak to you all! May your Eid be filled with Joy.

134.    Iftar Mubarak! May you have a blessed time and lots of blessings. I'm wishing you to have a great Iftar. A big hug from me.

135.    Iftar Mubarak, wishing you a peaceful and blessed Ramadan!

136.    Iftar Mubarak to you and yours! May you find the strength and peace of Allah through this holy month.

137.    In the name of Allah, may His peace be upon you, and on us and our descendants.

138.    May the blessings of Ramadan be upon you and your family, with love from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

139.    Alhamdulillah, yep, Iftar is today, and we've prepared a special dua of love and peace.

140.    Have a blessed Iftar, friend!

Happy Iftar Wishes, Messages and Dua

141.    May Allah reward you and protect you during this holy month of Ramadan!

142.    Ramadan Kareem! May this blessed month bring all the joy, peace, and blessings of Allah upon us. We wish you all a very happy iftar and every one support each other in performing the fast.

143.    May you find peace and prosperity on this holy Ramadan. Have a wonderful iftar! May Allah give us the strength to continue with dignity, patience, and perseverance.

144.    You're here for the breaking fast, but before you fasted, make dua for peace and prosperity in the new year.

145.    May Allah bless and protect you on this blessed day, and bless your family and friends as well.

146.    A shining star to light your way.

147.    Blissful Wishes of Ramadan Kareem to all our friends and families.

148.    Thankful for your acceptance, my dear friend. May Allah bless you and your family always. May you find refuge from the evil of doubt and from the trials of time.

149.    May the blessings of Allah on you be many and the days be sweet. May you enjoy happiness with your family and friends. Asr Mubarak.

150.    Iftar Mubarak to everyone in our community! May this month be filled with blessings and good fortune. Here's hoping you find comfort and happiness through your meals.

151.    Congratulations on your Ramadan! May this holy month bring joy, comfort, and happiness to you

152.    Have a blessed Ramadan.

153.    O, Ramadan Kareem! May you get the best of health, happiness, and prosperity this month.

154.    Al-Hamdulillah, Dhuhur, and Zuhur were the first days of the special month of Ramadan. Let's celebrate with the peaceful spirit of Ramadan! 

155.    May Allah bless your Ramadan with joy and happiness and may he give you every blessing that a human being desires. Wishing you a holy and blessed day.

156.    Ramadan Mubarak!

157.    May Allah make your Ramadan a time of peace, happiness, and the enjoyment of His company.

158.    May you find your first sight of the Ramadan moon on this blessed Friday.

159.    May Allah bless you with a happy Iftar.

160.    The holy month of Ramadan is approaching and we would like to wish you a hearty iftar! Our Iftar packages come with sterling silver, gold, and diamond-studded accessories

161.    Our Iftar prayers are with you. For your forgiveness, and all the good deeds you do. Please share this dua with friends, family & loved ones. May Allah reward you.

162.    It's Ramadan, spend this blessed time with your loved ones and share the joy.

163.    Iftar Mubarak & Ramadan Kareem!

164.    This is Ramadhan and this is our period of fasting. May Allah bless us throughout the holy month. Let's wish our friends Eid al-Fitr!

165.    You are welcome in the best of health and well-being, Ramadan Kareem.

166.    Ramadan Mubarak! As the fast ends, remember to share iftar dua's with friends, family, and loved ones.

167.    May Allah shower his mercy and blessings upon you today, insha'Allah. Let's meet up when you're done fasting to break our fast & share some good news.

Happy Iftar Wishes, Messages and Dua

168.    Hi, I am reaching out to you to wish you every good luck in your Ramadan- it's going to be a great one! I hope we can do this again next year!

169.    May this Ramadan season be the first in many that bring you peace, health, and happiness. We'll see you at Eid!

170.    Iftar and Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims around the world!

171.    Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim friends! Praying for you and your loved ones.

172.    لماذا لم تحتاج لعطس أو منكيتي

173.    Ramadan Mubarak! Stay blessed and happy during the holy month. May you have a healthy and happy Iftar this Ramadan.

174.    Iftar is a time when Muslims break their fast with a meal together, making it the perfect time to share your dua with those around you. Wishing someone Ramadan Mubarak.

175.    May Allah's blessings be upon you and your family during Ramadan. May you feel peace in this holy month.

176.    May Ramadan bring all the joy, peace, and blessings one can wish for! With iftar celebrations just around the corner, stay strong.

177.    We hope you had a happy and peaceful Ramadan, congratulations on reaching that milestone

178.    May you spend a blessed Ramadan.

179.    With the major fast approaching, millions across the world will break their fast tonight. Here's wishing you a blessed evening of peace and rest.

180.    Is your Ramadan going well? We hope so! Let's consider some of the best ways to enjoy this holy month!

181.    Ramadan Mubarak! In the spirit of Ramadan, we're sending you a special Iftar wish with your order. So enjoy!

182.    A beautiful time for iftar! Let's wish our friends and family on this special day.

183.    #Ramadan Mubarak! Iftar's in a few hours, and this will help you get your prayers on time. Here's wishing you peace, health, and happiness.

184.    Happy Iftar. May all your days be merry and bright with blessings from Allah SWT. To help you during this holy time, let's start by wishing you a happy Iftar.

185.    افتخر بالأولين و اهدي عليهم السلام

186.    This Ramadan, we want to send you a personal message of peace and good wishes! We hope it's an opportunity for you to reflect on your blessings.

187.    Prayers for all the Muslims in this world to carry out Ramadan. May Allah bless you.

188.    May Allah (SWT) bless us with happiness and light this holy month of Ramadan.

189.    May your Ramadan be full of blessings, happiness, and peace from Allah the Almighty. Prayers and good deeds are both accepted on this day as a gift to our Lord.

190.    A blessed Ramadan Kareem from us to you.

191.    Muhammad Mursi's Ramadan has just begun, and now you can send a Ramadan Mubarak message to your friends.

192.    انتم سعداء في الغفران نبدأ بالمسابقة

193.    Major Ramadan blessings to you and your family! May your holiday break be filled with love, warmth, and tons of good food.

194.    We at [Company Name] offer our best wishes and prayers to you and your loved ones during this Ramadan. May Allah make it easy for you to fast & break the fast with ease.

195.    Ayaat-ul-bid'at

196.    The day of fasting ends with Iftar, a time to remember the blessings given to us by God. May you enjoy all the sweetness & pleasure.

197.    May you be blessed with many blessings at this time of year. Wishing you a joyful, festive, and blessed Ramadan.

198.    Iftar is a blessed, sacred time when you confess your sins and make amends with God. Iftar Mubarak, may you enjoy an abundance of peace and mercy.

199.    Iftar Mubarak to my sweet friends and family! I am so happy to have you around, and I hope your Ramadan is a blessed one. May the peace be upon us all.

200.    Wishing you a happy Iftar! May you be blessed with peace and love during this month of Ramadan.

201.    Want to wish you all a sweet Ramadan! May this blessing bring peace and goodwill to you & your family. Here's wishing you a fun-filled month.

202.    So you're fasting for Ramadan? We hope you are doing well. #HappyIftarWishes

203.    It's the holy month of Ramadan, the time when Muslims give up food and drink for a month. Let's break bread together & celebrate this special time.

204.    May your Ramadan be filled with peace, health, and happiness

205.    May this auspicious day you bring the blessings of Allah SWT on us all. May Allah SWT bless your fast, validate your deeds and stay with you as you break your fast.

206.    Find the Ramadan Mubarak greeting card that best reflects your wishes, and shares it with everyone you love

207.    Ramadan Mubarak!

208.    May this Ramadan bring you happiness, and may Allah give you peace.

209.    Let's break fast together and make a new day full of blessings.

210.    May Ramadan bring peace and blessings to you and your family. May Allah provide you with all that is necessary for a happy and healthy life.

211.    A very pleasant Ramadan to all my friends. May the moon & stars illuminate your path and help you find your way

212.    Good luck with your evening! May you feel comforted by the blessings of Allah.

213.    In the blessed month of Ramadan, may Allah give you peace and make your dreams come true. 

214.    Iftar is a time of celebration and thanksgiving. We send you our Ramadan wishes, and duas.

215.    The Ramadan holiday is approaching, and it's time to break the fast. We wish you a blessed Ramadan with love from your friends.

216.    Alhamdulillah, Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours. Wishing you a blessed iftar. May your evening be filled with peace, love, and blessings.

217.    May Allah guide you on the true path to success and prosperity. My prayers are with you on this blessed day.

218.    You're about to break your fast with blissful Iftar wishes, and dua. We're here for you.

219.    Sending you lots of love and wishes for Iftar!

220.    Ramadan Mubarak, Ameen! Today is the start of the holy month, so let's all make a wish, send out a message, or say a few dua to show our support.

221.    Iftar Mubarak! Enjoy a blessed day of fasting with love and blessing.

222.    لا إله إنما انت يوحف عليك مرض وسائر

223.    Mawlana ارحمن ذو القرآن صلي الله عليه وسلم

224.    Get your iftar started with peace and blessing, mashAllah!

225.    Wishing the Muslim community a peaceful and blessed Ramadan!

226.    Wishing you a joyous iftar! May Allah grant you and your loved ones His blessings.

227.    It's time for the iftar meal. Don't forget to wish your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram.

228.    Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah bless you during Ramadan and all the other blessed days of the year.

229.    May you be blessed with peace, love, and happiness during the holy month of Ramadan. Let's hope this is a good iftar (fasting) for you.

230.    Iftar Mubarak! May Allah bless you and your family on this holy day. Let's break fast with a delicious meal.

231.    May Allah bless you and your family with happiness, health, and prosperity during Ramadan.

232.    May you be refreshed, rejuvenated, and rewarded with happiness this Ramadan. (Salaam alaikum).

233.    May this Ramadan be a time of happiness, love, and peace for you.

234.    Ramadan Mubarak! Here's a wish, prayer, and dua from us!

235.    Get in touch with your spirit today; it's time to break your fast! Grab some dates and watermelon. That is the only thing you need.

236.    Stay safe and stay strong. Ramadan Mubarak.

237.    Salamu Alaykum! May you have a blessed Iftar and Ramadan. May Allah reward you for fasting and praying during Ramadan.

238.    May Allah bless you with happiness this month and grant you forgiveness. And please make sure to congratulate us on our Ramadan celebration, before the new moon.

239.    For Allah's sake, the fast is over. May your Ramadan be blessed.

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