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Remembrance Day Messages

Remembrance Day is observed on November 11th in honor of the Canadians (and other commonwealth member states) who died in World War I, World War II, and other conflicts. The day is also a time to remember the veterans and their families. Many people choose to send messages of remembrance to those who have died in wars.

Remembrance Day is an important day to remember the sacrifices made by those who have fought and died in war. The messages we send on Remembrance Day can help us to recognize and learn from the sacrifices of previous generations, and to build a stronger future.

Below are various Remembrance day messages;

Remembrance Day Messages

1.    This is just a reminder that our thoughts and prayers are with you on Remembrance Day.

2.    We remember, today, all our patriots who fought for our freedom.

3.    The memories you shared with me on today's Remembrance Day made me feel so proud. Thank you for being such a valuable member of our family.

4.    Happy Remembrance Day! Remembering those who fought for our freedom.

5.    Remember, we are not alone. Today, let's honor Canada's brave soldiers that gave their life for our freedom.

6.    Please join us in the remembrance of those who sacrificed to save our freedom.

7.    I hope you can remember this day that we're all human, and thankful for everything we have.

8.    This is a special time to remember your loved ones who have passed, we hope you have the happiest of memories.

9.    We hope you had a safe and happy Remembrance Day!

10.    Greetings from Canada. We remember and honor our fallen soldiers this day. Our thoughts are with all military personnel, past and present.

Remembrance Day Messages

11.    It's Remembrance Day. Sending you love.

12.    A day to remember those who've gone before us.

13.    It's been ____ years since we lost our loved ones.

14.    Remember the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom.

15.    Today's a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Let's honor the veterans of our past by bringing back peace, liberty and hope.

16.    Happy Remembrance Day

17.    Happy Remembrance Day, Canadians! This day marks the beginning of two great wars in Canada - the First World War & the Second World War. Our hearts are with you.

18.    Happy Remembrance Day! We're thinking of all those brave men and women who fought and died fighting for our beautiful Canada.

19.    Today is Remembrance Day. Remember those who fought and died for what we all have today.

20.    Remembering those who died in war, we remember all those who lost their lives.

Remembrance Day Messages

21.    We remember our heros who lost their lives during the war. We're here for you in your time of need.

22.    Remember those who fought for your freedom.

23.    Hey Canadian friends, I remembered to light a candle in your honor today.

24.    Happy Remembrance Day! Remember that in life, the people you love are always with you.

25.    Happy Remembrance Day to our fallen veterans! We thank you for your service and support. May we never forget those who have passed.

26.    Today is Remembrance Day, a day of mourning. Let's remember all our fallen soldiers who fought in wars across the world to protect our freedom.

27.    You will never forget the sacrifice that made it possible to live in peace and freedom today.

28.    Happy Remembrance Day! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Your memory always lives on.

29.    Remember your loved ones on this day. I hope they are thinking of you.

30.    We wish for peace and solidarity for everyone.

31.    Remembering the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to help protect our country.

32.    Remembering those who were killed fighting for our freedom.

33.    To the brave souls that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We send love and appreciation to your family.

34.    As we remember loved ones lost from our country, Canada is a strong and resilient nation that will continue to fight for freedom. We may face obstacles, but we will overcome them in order to preserve our values.

35.    Remember the fallen and join us in commemorating today's solemn day.

36.    Today is Remembrance Day, so let's pause to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

37.    Happy Remembrance Day,! Let's honour all of the lives lost with a moment of silence.

38.    To the brave men and women who serve their country.

39.    Thinking of you, regardless of where you are.

40.    Happy Remembrance Day! I'm with you all the way.

41.    Thank you to the men and women who have served for Canada.

42.    Remember our fallen soldiers & their memory today.

43.    We hope you are having a great day and take time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

44.    Happy Remembrance Day! Remember all those who fought for freedom, and be thankful for being able to live life without fear.

45.    You've helped us keep the past alive. Thank you for your support.

46.    Remembering all the lives lost.

47.    Remember the people who went through great pains for us.

48.    Remembering those who fought for freedom.

49.    Remember when the sun shone through your window and you saw the light of a new day? Remember how that light spread out and was celebrated by everyone? This year, let's celebrate & remember.

50.    Happy Remembrance Day! We're sending you a reminder that we're thinking of all the fallen soldiers who fought and died for the peace and freedom of our country.

51.    Today we honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

52.    Remembering our fallen soldiers.

53.    Thank you for your service, Her Majesty. We listen to all of your stories and appreciate your service.

54.    Today is Remembrance Day, let's remember the men and women of our forces who have fought for this great country.

55.    Today is Remembrance Day, and we're thinking of the brave soldiers who fought to protect the freedom that we enjoy. Let's say thanks for their service.

56.    Remembering your loved ones that were in the trenches over 100 years ago.

57.    Let's remember those we've lost by celebrating the ceasefire on the day that marks its achievement. Happy Remembrance Day

58.    Remember those who fought and died for us, protecting our freedom. We honor their sacrifice and pay tribute to them

59.    We remember our fallen heroes of the grea wars. We won't forget you. Rest in peace, our loved one.

60.    Remember the fallen, their sacrifice won't be forgotten, they will live on in our memories.

61.    You are always in our thoughts on the tenth day of November, since the War of 1812.

62.    It's Remembrance Day, a time to reflect on those who gave their lives for our freedom. Let's take a moment to remember and honor their sacrifice.

63.    Remembering all of the lives lost to conflict in our nation.

64.    It is Remembrance Day. We will never forget to honor you.

65.    Remember who you are today.

66.    Remembering those who have served this country.

67.    Remembering the fallen.

68.    Happy Remembrance Day! Thank you for your service.

69.    Happy Remembrance Day! We hope you enjoy this day of remembrance.

70.    R.I.P. all of our fallen heroes, who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom.

71.    Remember the lives we lost on Remembrance Day, today and always.

72.    Dear Canada, Thank you for your service. Today we remember those who have served and continue to serve our country.

73.    Remembering our brave soldiers.

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