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Summer Vacation Wishes and Messages

Sending summer vacation wishes and messages can be a way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate their time away from home. It can also create a special bond between you and your loved ones that will last long after the summer is over.

Below are various summer vacation wishes and messages;

Summer Vacation Wishes and Messages

1.    Hey there, I hope your summer is going great! I'm so glad you're here. My parents are really looking forward to seeing you again, and we've been doing some talking about what we should do with our days! What are you doing this summer?

2.    I'm sending you a message to see if you're thinking about me and I hope this summer will be amazing!

3.    Hey all, I hope your summer is going well! Here's my wish for your summer- I hope that you are having a fun and safe time.

4.    Hey kid, I hope your summer's been super fun! Looking forward to seeing you in September :)

5.    Hey, we hope your summer has been going great. We're so sorry for how busy we've been. We still want to check in with you, so please send us a message back.

6.    Yo, chillaxin' up on your vacation? We're so happy to know you are having fun and wish you all the best this summer.

7.    We're so excited to spend the summer with you. Fly off and see the world.

8.    Hey, I'm going to be out of touch for the next few weeks!

9.    What are you doing this summer?

10.    I'm sending you an all-access pass to my beach home, just for the summertime. What's your favorite vacation spot?

Summer Vacation Wishes and Messages

11.    Looking for something to do with your kids this summer?

12.    Have a blast this summer with your family and friends! Please don't forget to wish them a safe trip back home.

13.    Hey, it's been too long - don't forget to leave me a message while you're away!

14.    Hey, friends and family! I want to send you the best summer vacation wishes. 

15.    Hey! I hope you're having a great summer so far! I hope you're enjoying the sun and sand. This is the last week of summer, but don't worry - I'll see you soon.

16.    The weather is looking great today, so grab a sunscreen and your bathing suit, and head to the pool! We're feeling inspired by your summer dreams.

17.    I'm so excited for our vacation!

18.    Hey, I just had a crazy time this summer and can't wait to come back for more! Wishing you a really great school year.

19.    It's summer! Time to take a break and enjoy the sun, the water, and that special someone.

20.    I'm taking a summer vacation, and I'm available to show you all the sights!

Summer Vacation Wishes and Messages

21.    Sending you a heart emoji, my beach days come but once a year and I'm looking forward to it!

22.    Appreciate all the good moments with friends and family that summer brings.

23.    It's time for your summer vacation! Whether you're at the airport, in the cab to your rental, or on the beach, I hope you are having fun.

24.    We're wishing you happy days on the beach! Send a photo of you and your friends out in the sun.

25.    Good news, the summer is finally here!

26.    Hey, I know we're taking a break here, but don't forget to pack your phone. You never know what type of messages you might get while we're away. Have a great summer.

27.    Summer vacation is here, and I'll be out of town. May the joy of this season radiate.

28.    Don't miss a few moments that might be the last chance you get to spend with your family this summer.

29.    Hey, I know we just had a great chat about our summer plans but I want to send you a few messages to make sure you're taking care of yourself!

30.    Hello sunshine! Here's a message from me to you wishing you a happy summer.

31.    Remember those vacation wishes you made a while ago? Now's the time to send them!

32.    I don't want to party all summer while I should be studying.

33.    Hey there, it's hard to believe we're already halfway through summer! Let's celebrate with a good time on the beach.

34.    Hey friends, don't forget what a great summer we had! See what you're up to this summer and send us your vacation messages.

35.    OMG, I just want to say congratulations on your graduation, and good luck with your summer job!

36.    Hey! I hope you've had the best summer break so far. Here's a reminder of all the amazing moments we've shared this summer. Let's make more great moments!

37.    Your summer vacation will be full of fun, frolic, and frivolity. It's all because of that special someone who loves you so much, they want you to have a blast this summer.

38.    Hey, did you take your time off already? I'm still waiting for my mom and dad to get back from their trip. I'm excited about all the family time that's ahead of us.

39.    Hey! I hope your summer vacation is off to a great start. Here's wishing you the best.

40.    We're so glad you've decided to spend your summer in paradise with us, but before you pack your bags we want to send a little message of thanks.

41.    Hey, I can't come visit you this summer, but just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending some happy thoughts your way.

42.    Sending you a summer of happiness this year!

43.    Hey, I hope this email finds you well on your summer vacation! Before you head off to the beach or the mountains, one last reminder requesting when you're going back to work.

44.    Hey, it's me! I hope your summer is going great so far. Let's start by sharing some pictures of you at the beach.

45.    Daydreaming of your favorite summer vacation spot? Me too. Glad that the summer is just around the corner.

46.    Wishing you a fun summer filled with sun and adventure.

47.    Hey, I'm going to miss summer this year! Here's wishing you the best of luck in your travels and adventures.

48.    Hey, it's almost time to head back to school - we hope you're having the best summer ever! But let's start off by wishing you a sweet farewell.

49.    Pack your bags, we're going on a summer tour! 

50.    I can't wait to see what adventures you all have planned! Let's spotlight the people in your life with a photo collage of their summer adventures.

51.    Hi, babe! I can't wait to be by your side next week at the beach, but don't forget our plans. I'll be waiting for you to call when you're ready to talk about our summer plans.

52.    Hey there, it's been a while since I've checked in. I hope you're doing well--keep up the good work. I'm sorry that I've been so busy with the vacation.

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