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Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages For Friends

One of the great benefits of sending wedding anniversary wishes and messages to friends is that they can demonstrate your love and appreciation for them. Wishing someone a happy anniversary is a simple way to show your feelings, and it can help renew your friendship. If you don’t have time to talk on the phone or in person, sending a well-wish through text or email can still be very warm and intimate. There’s no better way to show someone that you truly care about them.

Below are various wedding anniversary wishes and messages to friends;

Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages For Friends

1.    I'm so glad we've stayed together all these years! I love celebrating with you, it wouldn't be the same without you on my side.

2.    Happy Anniversary, my best friend! Let's celebrate the milestone with the perfect gift. I think a trip would be perfect.

3.    Happy Anniversary friends!

4.    #TeamBFF celebrating their wedding anniversary! Here's wishing them a lifetime of happiness and lots of love.

5.    A huge congratulations on your anniversary!

6.    I can't believe we have been married for years. I still love you more than anything! Happy Anniversary.

7.    I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for making this past year amazing. Let's make this next year even better! Happy wedding anniversary my love.

8.    Happy anniversary, best friend! It's been 15 years since we shared our first dance together. Remember that time we had to bribe the DJ with beer? We laughed and laughed because no one could tell us apart!

9.    Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary!

10.    I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I hope this year's gift brings you and your hubby closer than ever and you feel special, loved, and taken care of.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages For Friends

11.    I hope your year has been kind to you. Here's wishing you a happy anniversary. All my love!

12.    Hi, it's me again! Here are all of my favorite memories, of us, from the past year. Happy Anniversary!

13.    Happy Wedding Anniversary!

14.    It's been five years since you first said 'I do'. Let's celebrate with a message of love and support.

15.    Happy Anniversary! Here's a list of some of our favorite memories... Have a great day.

16.    I hope your day is filled with happiness, joy, and love! Here's a special gift from me - these thoughtful words and images that will take you back to the good times.

17.    Happy 21st Honey, I'm so excited about your anniversary! Let's take a trip down memory lane together.

18.    Wow, I can't believe it's been two years since we met. You're such a great friend and I'm so happy that we are celebrating this milestone!

19.    I love you more than the stars in the sky, more than the sand in the ocean, and more than all of these hearts. Happy Anniversary!

20.    Thank you for being a part of our life. Today is a special day to last forever. Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages For Friends

21.    We are so happy to celebrate our anniversary and send our first anniversary wishes and messages to family and friends. Let's share this day with everyone!

22.    Happy Anniversary, I hope your day is as special as the days we've shared together. May this message brighten your morning, warm your afternoon and make you smile this evening.

23.    It's been four years since we started this journey, and my love for you has only grown stronger with time. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! I hope you're as excited as I am.

24.    Happy Wedding Anniversary! We're so lucky to have you in our life.

25.    Happy Wedding Anniversary.

26.    There's nothing better than being surrounded by family every day. I hope you enjoy your wedding anniversary today. May this year be more wonderful than the last.

27.    Happy Anniversary, [name]! I'm so proud of all the milestones you've hit in your life.

28.    I can't believe we're celebrating your 25th anniversary! I'm so grateful for the years we spent together and all the amazing memories that brought us here.

29.    Thinking of you on your day! Happy Wedding Anniversary! Sending you a great reminder of all the memories from the last decade.

30.    Dear Friend, Happy Anniversary! I hope this year has been a great year, and that you have time to think back on all of the memories you've had with your husband.

31.    We thank you for all the years of love, laughter, and happiness. We hope this card cheers you up on this special day.

32.    Happy anniversary, honey! I hope your year of wedded bliss means more love and happiness for you...and more love and happiness from your friends.

33.    Congrats on your anniversary! Here are some lovely wishes for you and your spouse:...

34.    Happy Anniversary! I miss all the memories we've made over the years.

35.    Love is like a balloon. You have to rise up and let it go at some point so that it can ascend, grow and travel in the air ~~ With the love of your life. Happy Anniversary!

36.    Happy Anniversary! So many years of laughter and love are ahead of you. Love you always.

37.    Happy Anniversary, honey! Your love is incredible, and it's more amazing than I could ever have imagined. I wish you all the love and happiness that life has to offer.

38.    I love you more than any day. I look forward to celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary dear friend!

39.    Your love keeps you young as a couple. Happy wedding anniversary!

40.    Hi, it's your friends and family here to wish you a happy anniversary. We hope you're doing well, and that this marriage brings everything you've ever wanted.

41.    I hope this message finds you well and looking forward to the next year of adventures. I'm so proud of you. Happy Anniversary!

42.    Happy Anniversary to the one I love! Best wishes for a happy year ahead.

43.    Happy Anniversary! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with love & happiness.

44.    Wow! It's been six amazing years and you're still so in love. Happy Anniversary!

45.    This is one of the most special days we share with those closest to us. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

46.    How is your day going today? I hope you're having a fantastic one! Happy Anniversary to you.

47.    Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! Here are messages just for you and your spouse, put them in one of your many gorgeous frames.

48.    I can't believe it's been 10 years already! It's so hard to believe that you and your partner have already shared a decade of love. It just seems like yesterday when you first told your parents you were getting married.

49.    Happy Anniversary! You are loved beyond words.

50.    Happy Anniversary! Today is a day that I'll always remember.

51.    The first message of your big day! Happy Wedding Anniversary! May the years ahead be filled with happiness and love.

52.    Happy anniversary honey! Thanks for being by each other's side since day one. Let's celebrate you tonight with a special surprise.

53.    Happy 30th wedding anniversary!

54.    Dear Friend, I hope you're well. Today is our special day and we are celebrating with a dinner out and redeclaring our vows on this our marriage anniversary.

55.    Happy Anniversary! May this day be the first of many more to come. Here's wishing you a year filled with happiness, love, and new memories.

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