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Alone Messages – Sad Emotional Inspiring Messages

One of the benefits of sending emotional and inspiring messages to someone, or yourself, that is alone is that it can make them feel better. Sending a message of motivation and encouragement can help a person to feel less alone and more confident in themselves. It can also help to lift their spirits and make them feel more positive about their life.

Below are various alone messages;

Alone Messages – Sad Emotional Inspiring Messages

1.    There's nothing worse than feeling icky and down in the dumps all day. But, let me tell you this - you're so much more than what the outside holds.

2.    You're not alone. I know it can seem like life is a struggle sometimes, but there is always someone in your corner rooting for you.

3.    I refuse to be sad for the rest of my life. I refuse to let the darkness swallow me whole.

4.    I know we're in different cities, but I'm here for you if you have a question or a moment to talk.

5.    You think you're alone, but you'll always be never alone.

6.    You're not alone. I'm here with you.

7.    I'm so sorry I scared you, I should have been more careful and given you a better warning before I revealed this.

8.    Wish I could hold your hand through this tough time.

9.    I'm feeling lonely today. I want to feel connected, and I'm feeling rejected.

10.    Hey, find a way to fill yourself up with happiness today. You deserve it.

Alone Messages – Sad Emotional Inspiring Messages

11.    You are not alone on this dark road you find yourself walking down. Come feel the warmth of my hand enclosed in yours as we travel.

12.    I'm struggling too, but I'm hunting for joy. I'll find it.

13.    It's been a while since I've had someone to help me keep my sanity. So let me guide you through this difficult time.

14.    You're not alone. There are people who love you and care about you.

15.    Hey you, don't worry about the bad day ahead. You'll run into someone who will make everything better.

16.    Hey, I'm feeling a little lonely too. Sometimes the thought of the unknown feels worse than it really is.

17.    I feel like I'm losing you. The last few weeks have been so hard without you to share my thoughts with.

18.    Remember that feeling when you just want to hold on tight and not let go of the people who love you? It's so hard to say goodbye.

19.    You're always there for me, you give me the strength to keep going. Strong enough to walk all day and dance at night. I will never doubt you again.

20.    Hey, I won't presume what happened but this is just to say that you're never alone. There's always someone who cares & loves you, no matter what's going on.

Alone Messages – Sad Emotional Inspiring Messages

21.    Keep going you're already doing so well. It's ok to feel weak sometimes. I'll be right here, right beside you.

22.    There's nothing better than doing something you love and being able to do it for somebody else.

23.    You are so important. Your voice is a reminder of what you have to live for.

24.    When I feel lonely I think of you, now more than ever. Let's hug it out.

25.    What do you want to talk about right now? I'm here for you.

26.    I'm really lost. I just want to talk to someone, but no one's here.

27.    You have no idea how much you've been hurting me, and I can't take it anymore.

28.    Have you ever felt like your world has been crushed? Like there's just nothing left to lose, and no one who really cares about you? This is important, but: Your pain is temporary. You're still alive!

29.    You deserve to be happy.

30.    Your life is going to be great. I can feel it.

31.    I'm sorry I don't have the words to make it better.

32.    I just had a really bad day. Help me smile again.

33.    You've been working hard all day, so you deserve to relax.

34.    My heart aches for your pain. I feel you're just not getting through to the person you need to be close to. I love you and want nothing more than for us to be happy again.

35.    You're not alone, millions of people around the world care.

36.    How are you feeling right now?

37.    Hey, there's nothing wrong with missing someone. Sometimes we all need to feel loved and cared for just by knowing someone is thinking about us, and I hope this message will help you out.

38.    Are you feeling down? Feeling like no one cares. That you're fighting battles that no one will win for you? Let me in, we can hug each other and cry together.

39.    Got a bad day and need a pick-me-up? I am here if you need someone to talk to.

40.    Lost in the fog of loneliness? I've been there too before. Let's find our way back together.

41.    Life is so full of possibilities, I can't wait to see what you get up to. You have the power to be your best and make those dreams happen. Good luck

42.    Alone? I'm here with you, reminding you of the good things.

43.    My whole life I have never felt like this before, taken a break, and come back to the same dark place. I'm okay with it, but I need to figure out what the next step is.

44.    Hey, it's been a while. I'm sorry for being a stranger but I wanted to let you know that if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here.

45.    For so long you felt alone, without hope. You felt as though your voice was not worthy of being heard, and it was easy to believe that no one else cared. But things are about to change for the better for you.

46.    You're not alone! I know it seems like you can't talk to anyone about what's going on, but there are people who care about you. Let them know how you feel.

47.    I feel like I'm going through a dark tunnel and I don't know which way to go next.

48.    You are not alone. I've been through it too. Keep fighting the good fight. I am here to support you.

49.    Despite the pain of life's struggles, you are not alone. We all experience hardship in different ways, so remember: you are not to blame for the lack of acceptance from those around you.

50.    One day I will see the world through your eyes, with the love and peace you have given me. I am strong, but right now it's hard to be the person that exudes strength.

51.    I don't feel like I have time for myself. A little self-care would be nice.

52.    You are not alone in your struggle.

53.    Hi, I'm not around much today, but if you need to talk I'm here for you. Let's chat.

54.    It can be hard to feel like you're alone. I'm here with you. We could hug and cry together.

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