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Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

Sending baby shower wishes and messages ensures that the mum-to-be feels loved and supported even before she has delivered her baby. These messages of congratulations can help to boost the mum-to-be's morale and help her to relax and prepare for her arrival. As well as being a thoughtful gesture, sending baby shower wishes and messages can also help to create a feel-good atmosphere at the party, which will be enjoyed by all involved.

Below are various baby shower wishes and messages;

Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

1.    Hey friend! I want to wish you a big happy baby shower from my family.

2.    Congrats, Mama! Your baby is on the way and you're about to have your best day yet.

3.    You're one in a million! Your baby shower is going to be unforgettable!

4.    My precious little one is on his way! I can't wait to meet you, and I'm so grateful for my friends and family who are surrounding me with love.

5.    Hey! How are you doing today? The party starts in just over an hour and I am so excited! Don't stress out, we got this!

6.    Congratulations! Your little one is here and we're excited to celebrate their arrival.

7.    You're going to be the best mom in the world! Tell us your favorite wish for your baby today.

8.    May your future be filled with love and laughter. You're going to make our lives so much more beautiful.

9.    Congratulations, you're the mommy-to-be! I'm so excited to be a part of this journey with you.

10.    I wish your child will grow up to be a smart, kind, and helpful person like you. I know you would give her all the love a mother can give a child.

Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

11.    Sending a note to my dear friend, wishing you all the best with your little bundle of joy.

12.    Wishing your baby girl some pink nails and a star on her forehead!

13.    Hey there! Wishing you some fantastic greetings to the mom-to-be!

14.    I hope you have a beautiful baby shower. I love you so much and can't wait to meet your little one! Here's wishing you happiness & joy on the big day.

15.    Congratulations on your special day! Here's wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

16.    I hope you have the most fabulous baby shower ever! So much love!

17.    Hello hon, I'm so excited for our little bundle of joy! I love how thoughtful you are.

18.    It is such a joyous occasion to welcome our newest addition!

19.    Congratulations, Mommy! You've done an amazing job bringing your baby into the world. I know you'll make their first year a wonderful one.

20.    Congrats on the birth of _______! Your baby is incredibly blessed.

Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

21.    Your baby is our honor and we're so excited to meet him/her!

22.    Your dreams have come true with your beautiful baby girl. Congratulations!

23.    Hi, it's your mom! I hope you're having a great time preparing for the baby shower. I'm so excited for this wonderful day!

24.    The memories you make now will last a lifetime.

25.    I'm pleased to announce that I will be the mother of ______________. I can't wait for you both to meet.

26.    Let the baby showers start! Sending lots of love to your guests and yourself.

27.    I can't wait to meet our bundle of joy.

28.    Your baby will be such a joy to love and hold.

29.    Your baby shower is going to be a blast!

30.    Sweet, sweet baby will be here soon! We're so excited and can't wait to start taking the world by storm.

31.    Your baby is one of a kind, so why not celebrate the birth with something special?

32.    I hope your baby showers are everything you dreamed of!

33.    Your little one will feel like the luckiest baby in the world with these hand-selected presents. 

34.    I wish I could be there today to see your little one's big day. And I hope you always remember my wishes for him/her. Here's wishing you the best for your baby.

35.    Hi, I'm here for your baby shower. Let's throw a party.

36.    What's the theme of your baby shower?

37.    A blessed day! Your little bundle of joy has brought sunshine to your life.

38.    Thinking of you tonight! I hope all your dreams come true on this special day.

39.    Hey Mama! I can't wait to have your little one in my arms. Here's a card with some of my favorite wishes for her/him.

40.    Congrats on your new bundle of joy.

41.    Happy Baby Shower, Emily!

42.    Hey, Mom! I hope you're feeling extra special today. Let's get started with a message of congratulations. Your baby shower would be a blast.

43.    I hope you have an amazing time at the baby shower - we can't wait to meet our little peanut!

44.    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

45.    Friends, family, and all of their future loved ones have been invited to our celebration. Please share your thoughts of parting or reflections on the journey ahead as our child heads on their way.

46.    The ones who love you are proud of your baby shower wish list, but now it's time for the shower to start.

47.    Hey, I just wanted to send you a huge congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Let's talk soon so we can share some memories of your new baby.

48.    Congrats, Mama! Don't forget to send me a pic of your new baby girl!

49.    Thank you for your gift, we hope it gives comfort and joy to our family. We love you.

50.    Congratulations! We're so excited to celebrate your baby's arrival and season with you.

51.    Seems like someone's waiting on a baby! Let me wish the mommy-to-be a warm, happy, healthy pregnancy.

52.    I hope you're having a blast with all these baby shower preparations! There are so many things to think about and the best part is, the more you do, the closer you'll get.

53.    Hey mom and dad, congrats on your bundle of joy!

54.    Here's wishing you a blessed, healthy, and happy journey! It's your time to shine!

55.    It's amazing what a difference those two small hands can make.

56.    Congratulations on your new baby!

57.    Congratulations! We have baby gifts for the future mommy and daddy.

58.    I'm so excited that you're having a baby, it's going to be amazing! I have so many ideas for the baby's big day. Can we chat about them?

59.    You are so loved! Here's a fun baby shower wish list to get started.

60.    You're going to be a wonderful mother! I hope that you have everything that you need when your baby girl arrives.

61.    I'm so excited for your baby shower!

62.    You're going to be a mommy soon! Congrats!

63.    Congratulations! Wishing you a fantastic baby showers.

64.    Your little one is blissfully unaware and the world is their oyster!

65.    Sending you a warm and reassuring message. You'll be the perfect mommy to this precious boy! #AdoringGrandma

66.    Happy day, congratulations! It's time for a Baby Shower.

67.    Hey, friends and family! I hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating my new arrival! We're so excited to meet our little one :)

68.    You're going to be the most wonderful mom ever! Let me know what your FAVORITE upcoming BABY shower gift is.

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