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Islamic Wedding Wishes, Messages, and Duas

Sending Islamic wedding wishes is a great way to show your love and support for your friends and family during their special day. Messages of congratulations and good luck can help make the day even more special.

Below are various islamic wedding wishes, messages, and duas;

Islamic Wedding Wishes, Messages and Duas

1.    Salam and good morning, May Allah reward you for your efforts in perfecting your life. I hope this message of guidance keeps you satisfied with the peace. Have a fulfilling wedding life.

2.    May the blessings of Allah be upon you on this holy day. Let these words of peace and love be with you during today's wedding...and for your whole life.

3.    May your days be as prosperous and blessed as the flower that blooms in the springtime. Congratulations on your wedding.

4.    Our hearts are with you. Sending blessings, messages of love, and duas for the happy occasion.

5.    May Allah bless you, our family, and friends, as well as bring happiness to you & your spouse.

6.    May you find comfort in the knowledge that Allah (SWT) is with you and that He will always see your beautiful eyes.

7.    Wishing you the very best in your marriage. May Allah bless your journey.

8.    May Allah hasten your marriage with a wonderful husband.

9.    In the Islamic tradition, the bride and groom kiss each other during a wedding ceremony. This is called 'the Salaam' which means 'peace'. #LoveWeddings

10.    May this day be auspicious for you and your spouse.

Islamic Wedding Wishes, Messages and Duas

11.    May Allah grant us the best of this world and the next. May Allah bless our union.

12.    O Al-Lat and Al-Alaa! Please bless our marriage with your divine blessings. May Allah make your union an eternal one.

13.    May Allah bless your marriage and keep you safe.

14.    May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you, Ameen.

15.    May Allah have mercy on your marriage.

16.    May the blessings of Allah be upon you and your family, on this special day & every day. Congrats on getting married.

17.    I'm so excited to take action and marry my partner, I just want the day to go perfectly.

18.    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. ____ on their special day! Our congratulations to you as well.

19.    I wish for you health and happiness, I wish for your family to be blessed with many grandchildren, and I wish for all our children to be righteous.

20.    O Allah, send your blessings on our marriage and grant that we find happiness in this world and the other. I ask for Barakah (blessings) on us, our children, and those of us who are not yet married.

Islamic Wedding Wishes, Messages and Duas

21.    May Allah (الله) grant you and your family a lifetime of happiness, peace, and prosperity.

22.    May Allah bless all of your endeavors. And do not say to me: 'What is my life?' Verily, My life is but a breath away from the Hereafter.

23.    I wish you peace, joy, and happiness on this auspicious occasion.

24.    From your Best Friend to Your Most Beloved, wishing you a blessed and happy marriage. May Allah bless your marriage, fill it with love and companionship, and help you build a beautiful life together.

25.    Congratulations on your engagement, with the coming of this auspicious occasion, we want to wish you a happy marriage and a blessed life!

26.    May Allah bless your marriage and grant you the best pleasure of all in your conjugal life and fill it with many blessings. May Allah give you a wealth of good in this world and the hereafter.

27.    May Allah bless you with all the joys of your marriage and grant you a life of happiness.

28.    May Allah bless you both, fill your home with light, and make it a haven of love and peace. May your marriage bring joy and happiness to your parents and families. And may you always have the strength to take on whatever comes.

29.    May Allah guide your path on this auspicious day as you prepare to take your vows of love and faith. Best wishes

30.    You are blessed on the day of your marriage.

31.    Wishing you happiness, health, and peace in this new chapter of your life.

32.    May the blessings of Allah be with you always. May he guide you in your happiness, and bring you closer to Him. Amen

33.    Sending shukran to you and all your family as you start off on this blessed journey of marriage.

34.    I'm so happy to be starting this new phase of my life and choosing to have a marriage with you.

35.    Wishing You the Happiest Wedding Day of Your Life!

36.    To the One who made me lucky enough to share your journey to this day, May Allah bless you and make you happy ten thousand times more than what I could ever ask for. Happy marriage!

37.    Congratulations! Today is a special day as you get married to your partner, who you've chosen happily and lovingly.

38.    Let's have a happy day of togetherness as we celebrate our marriage! May your happy and prosperous life become closer through Islam.

39.    May Allah bless your marriage with good health, happiness, and peace.

40.    May Allah grant you success in your forthcoming happiness and bless your marriage with love.

41.    May your wedding be blessed with lasting love, good health, and happiness!

42.    May God Bless You and Choose the best for you. I love you

43.    May you find peace with each and every prayer you perform, and may Allah guard and protect your life. Ameen

44.    May Allah bless you on your wedding day.

45.    May blessings be upon you and your family.

46.    May you have a blessed and blessed life, with beautiful dreams & memories that will last forever.

47.    I ask Allah to help you and protect you, and to give you the best of this world and the next.

48.    Wishing you a blessed ____ and your beautiful journey ahead.

49.    Hi, congratulations on your upcoming union.

50.    Love is patient, love is kind. Love forgives, always and forever. Love endures all.

51.    May your wedding day be filled with love, happiness, and a lifetime of memories.

52.    O Allah, you reward those who work hard and help others defend your honor.

53.    May the blessings of Allah be upon you and your family.

54.    I love you perfectly, and my soul will always remain yours. You're the one for me and I'm sure we'll be together for eternity.

55.    Most beautiful day of your life! May your wedding be blessed and blessed on this special day.

56.    Sal-Om, I love how you take care of your family and friends. May this marriage bring you blessings.

57.    Hey u! We're so excited for your big day!

58.    Congratulations on your wedding! I hope this was a day you'll never forget. May Allah (SWT) bless your marriage.

59.    May the blessings of Allah be upon you and your family on this blessed day and may your marriage be better than yesterday.

60.    Our love is stronger than any river! Any place where you are is known as a home to us.

61.    Hello, my loved ones. I hope that this month you are surrounded by love and the beauty of marriage!

62.    The Islam way of life is beautiful, peaceful, and full of love. Almost from the very day of your wedding, preparations for your next life begin.

63.    Congratulations on your wedding - a celebration of many joyous moments!

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