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Love Messages and Texts for Him

There are many benefits of sending love messages and texts to him (boyfriend, husband, etc).

When you send your man a loving text, it shows him that you’re thinking about him, no matter where he is. This simple gesture can brighten his day and make him feel loved.

Additionally, sending love messages helps to keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner. By staying in touch with each other through text messaging, you’ll be able to better understand each other and strengthen your relationship.

Lastly, sending love messages is a great way to let your man know that you’re still interested in him, even when you’re not able to see him face-to-face. So the next time you want to show your partner how much you care, send him a loving text message!

Below are various love messages and texts for him;

Love Messages and Texts for Him

1.    Hey, I know it's been a long time since we talked but I am really excited to have you back in my life. Let's grab coffee soon and catch up.

2.    I love you, too.

3.    Hey, you gave me those lovely flowers the other day. I loved them and I wanted to say thank you. Happy anniversary.

4.    I'm everything you need. You're everything I need. Let's get this going.

5.    My love, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and care about you. Would you like me to take care of any errands for you?

6.    I love the deep dark eyes, your touch sends shivers down my spine and everything about you is perfect.

7.    I love you no matter what, even when you don't believe me.

8.    Hey babe, let's meet up for coffee tomorrow. Let me know when you're free.

9.    Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do for me.

10.    Hey, my heart is pitter-pattering for you. Let's get together soon, I'm in the mood for some cuddles.

Love Messages and Texts for Him

11.    Are you still mad about the last fight? It’s been two days.

12.    I want to be the one you miss when you're gone. I love you.

13.    You know you're my one and only. I'll always be there for you no matter what.

14.    I hope your day was as amazing as mine. I love you so much, baby.

15.    Hey handsome, thank you for being my rainbows and sunshine - you're the only person who can make me feel better when I'm feeling low.

16.    Whoa, I love the way you danced.

17.    You are a gift. You are a blessing. And my soul is glad that you are mine.

18.    I feel like I'm losing my mind, fighting with my insecurities - every day you make me feel vulnerable. You're the only guy I've loved enough to say yes and mean it.

19.    I miss you and I love you.

20.    I'm dying for you to be by my side again. Need you here in my arms already, just tell me where to meet you.

Love Messages and Texts for Him

21.    Hey, I'm glad you had a good time tonight. I was hoping we could get together tomorrow.

22.    It's important to me that I know when you're thinking about me and I want to hear from you. Send a message if you want to talk.

23.    I'm so sorry for the things I said... I don't know why I got so angry. Just forget everything and look forward to being back in your arms.

24.    I hope you're having a great day today.

25.    I miss you. I'm thinking about you, and I need you. 

26.    I love you, my handsome prince charming.

27.    You're my person and I love you.

28.    That's not how I want to remember you, but I wanted to let you know how much I love you.

29.    I miss your tall, long fingers, and that little blush on your cheeks. You make my heart skip a beat.

30.    I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing person. We have the best time together and I always look forward to our next date.

31.    I wish I could move through time just like you do.

32.    Hey, have a great day! I had a fun time talking with you yesterday. Let's get coffee Friday :)

33.    Hey, I wanted to make sure you knew I'm thinking about you. Have a lovely day.

34.    I'm so in love with you.

35.    You're so amazing.

36.    I'm home. I took care of things at work and made dinner. How was your day?

37.    I miss you when you're not here.

38.    I want to be your everything.

39.    Hey, perfect timing! I'm thinking about you all day and night. I would love to always be with you...

40.    My life is messed up without you.

41.    I feel so lucky to share my life with you. It's been a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to the next one.

42.    I want to be the only one you need. Let me love you.

43.    Hey handsome, I hope you're doing well. I wanted to say thanks for last night, it was lovely being able to talk to you. Let's make it happen again soon.

44.    Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm so lucky you're here with me. 

45.    I love how you tease me and make things seem more spontaneous.

46.    You're my everything. I love you so much.

47.    Every day I love you more and more, my prince charming. Let's stay connected.

48.    Hey babe, it's me again. I get so excited when we chat, I'm so happy to just hold your hand but sometimes these feelings are hard to talk about, I wish you could understand.

49.    Hey, want to meet for a drink after work?

50.    Hey handsome, I just wanted to let you know that you're so amazing.

51.    Hi there, it's been a while! I'm so glad you reached out. I had a wonderful time last night and it was really great to hear from you. I love when our conversations just flow effortlessly and have so much in common.

52.    I miss you babe! It feels like so long since I've seen your face.

53.    You'll always be the one.

54.    As we have grown closer and stronger, I've learned I'll always be there to support you- no matter what life throws our way. Do you know how much I love you?

55.    Hey babe I just wanted to let you know that I'll be leaving for vacation for a few days and I will miss you, but there's no need to worry. Have a good time.

56.    Hey babe, I know everyone else is busy but would you be down to grab some coffee?

57.    Wanna resume our conversation from last night?

58.    Are you feeling a little lonely today? I want to help you relax with my soothing voice, warm laughter, and tender thoughts. Let's share a moment together.

59.    Hi, I'm thinking about you.

60.    Hey baby, I've been thinking about you all day long. How about we meet for lunch? My treat.

61.    This is the most romantic day of our life. I just want you to know how much I love you.

62.    I love seeing you smile, and I love that it makes you happy to see me. Maybe this weekend we should go for a walk in the park--but only if it's not raining.

63.    Just wanted to say how much I've loved you this past week.

64.    You make me feel so loved! I'll never stop loving you.

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