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Message for Best Friend – Sweet and Funny Messages

There are numerous benefits to sending sweet and funny messages to your best friend. Not only does it make them happy, but it can also increase the bond between you two. Plus, it can be really satisfying to see them laugh! Here are a few reasons why you should always send them sweet messages:

i. It's Bonding: One of the main benefits of sending funny messages to your best friend is that it can really help to strengthen the bond between you two. There’s something really satisfying about seeing them laugh – it’s proof that you can make them happy.

ii. It Makes Them Smile: Another great benefit of sending funny messages to your best friend is that it can make them smile. Even if they don’t respond right away, seeing the smile on their face is always a reward.

iii. It Increases Their Mood: Finally, sending funny messages to your best friend can actually have a positive impact on their mood. In fact, according to research, sending humorous messages can increase happiness levels and make us feel more relaxed. So why not give it a try? It might just make their day!

Below are various messages for best friend;

Message for Best Friend – Sweet and Funny Messages

1.    It's been a while since I've seen you! What are you up to?

2.    We've been friends since the beginning of time and we're still as close as ever. I told you I'd never leave you, so now I'm back to save the day! #

3.    Hey, it's been a while since we talked, but I am so glad to hear from you again after all this time. Hope you're doing well.

4.    Hey there, ______! Isn't it such a nice day for ice skating? Are you coming over for a little family time?

5.    You're my Best Friend! And I have the perfect gift for you. Come over let me give you the gift and let's also grab a coffee sometime soon.

6.    Hey, bestie! I'm so glad we're still friends! I was thinking about you and wanted to send you a Snapchat! Friend me, add me, follow me.

7.    Hey! No girls allowed here! You know that, right? Haha, just kidding. I was missing you and wanted to say hi. How are you? Let me tell you a little secret: I've been doing a lot of thinking since we last saw each other and I'm really wondering if there's a way we can take our friendship from online to in-person without making the transition too difficult for either one of us...

8.    I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world because you're my best friend and I'm so happy we're such good friends.

9.    You're my rock star. I'm so proud of how you've grown and your success! Love you!

10.    Hey, when are we hanging out now?

Message for Best Friend – Sweet and Funny Messages

11.    Hey, I'm so excited for my vacation to be over so we can meet up again.

12.    Hey there, how was your day? I hope you're doing well and having a good time. Let me know how it goes- text me back :)

13.    Hey baby girl! I am so proud of you.

14.    Oh, hi! Are you just getting back in town? I've missed you. We should do something this weekend. 

15.    So I just thought of something: you're actually my best friend. My knight in shining armor, saving the day with his adorable smile and witty one-liners.

16.    Hey there, how's life? I hope it's treating you well. Let's chat sometime soon, we have a lot of catching up to do.

17.    Hi, remember when I said I was your Best Friend? Well, no one really needs more friends than me. And I love you so much!

18.    I'm so sorry I didn't get to make it to your bachelorette party. Let me help make this up to you.

19.    Hi, my best friend! I miss hearing your voice. Let's talk soon.

20.    Hey Honey, I hope you're having a great day! (hugs) You know how much I love you.

Message for Best Friend – Sweet and Funny Messages

21.    Hey there, what's up? It's the weekend and we usually hang out and watch a movie. So, what movie would you like us to watch?

22.    Hey, so sorry I missed your birthday party. How's everything going? I'm doing really great today and can't wait to hear about your day.

23.    I'm sorry for that weird thing I said yesterday, I was just kidding. I love you.

24.    BFF, I love your new haircut!

25.    I just saw your text and I could not help but smile at how you're making me this happy.

26.    Here's a sweet and funny message to cheer you up this Monday morning! We hope you're having a great day.

27.    Hey, I am so glad you're my best friend. I want to enjoy our time together and you deserve the world. Come on over for a playdate.

28.    Hey, remember when we were kids and we said to one another 'I love you!'? Those days were fun.

29.    I'm sorry I didn't text back right away. You're the best!

30.    Hey girl, I hope that you're doing well. I just wanted to let you know that your birthday is Thursday and as your best friend, I want to give you the best gift ever.

31.    Hey, you're my best friend. And I just wanted to say that you're amazing, even if we don't hang out in person.

32.    You're wonderful. You're beautiful. You're so amazing and I wish I could tell you every day how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday!

33.    Hey, today's the day! Our date is tonight! I'll be waiting for you at our spot at 8 pm. Can't wait to see you!

34.    Hey, you're my best friend. I need your help with something. Can you pick me up from school on the way to the mall?

35.    I find it so weirdly endearing that you had to wake up early to come see me! But it's not just the morning time when I'm happy to see you. I am happy to see you at any time.

36.    Hey! I'm thinking about you today because it's your birthday and I've been thinking a lot about how much you mean to me. So happy birthday!

37.    I love you so so much. Happy birthday to my best friend!

38.    Hey, I'm feeling a little sad. Let's spend some time together and have a good time.

39.    Just wanted to say, I love you. We've been friends forever, but if we were to meet now, I know that you would think of all the fun things we could do together.

40.    Remember when we used to play together all the time and you were such a good friend? I miss those days.

41.    Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't be there last time. What's going on?

42.    Hope you're doing well.

43.    Hey, I'm thinking of coming to visit you soon! What time is good?

44.    Hey so I was thinking we should hang out this weekend, what do you think?

45.    Hey sweetie - I'm heading out to a party tonight and won't be home until late! Hope you're having a good time.

46.    Hey buddy! Guess what? I'm putting on my dog costume and coming over to give you a trick-or-treat!

47.    Hey girl, remember when we went on that vacation to Europe? It was fun, right? I hope you're having a happy and healthy life.

48.    Do you know what? Some days everything just gets to me and I don't know how I would make it through without you.

49.    I want to be the very best friend I can be! Do you want me to send you a message that will put a big smile on your face?

50.    You're hilarious! It's always a pleasure to be around you. I'm so glad we're friends.

51.    You're so funny and sweet! I'm glad you're my best friend.

52.    Hey, you're all [amazing/fantastic/beautiful]! I hope you're having a great day!

53.    Yo, we need to catch up on things. Let's meet up soon.

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